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Jewish Music

Jewish music is an important element within the cultural heritage of the Jewish people, passed down through the generations, from ancient times to this very day. This importance is evident even in biblical writings and other Jewish texts, which are rife with references to musical activity and musical instruments that have always been an inseparable part of the Jewish circle of life. What makes Jewish music unique is its integration of Jewish traditional themes with influences emanating from the styles, rhythms and sounds of the various countries where Jews have lived over thousands of years.

Jewish musical heritage is a rich and diverse mosaic that has changed over time, incorporating multiple genres that have frequently overlapped and mixed with each other.

The National Library of Israel collects, documents, preserves and displays a vast array of materials related to music from the traditions of Jewish communities all over the world, some items of which are rare and of national and international significance. Much of the material is accessible for viewing outside the Library premises.