Laptop Loan Service

Laptop Loan Service

Laptop Loan Service

• The service is provided Sunday-Thursday, from 09:00 to 17:45.

• Laptop loans will be available only to those with a valid library card who have permission to loan books from the Circulation Department. More details here.

• To apply for the service please approach the Circulation Department and prepare your ID card and a security deposit check. You can also use your credit card details.

• Once you are registered, the service will be available as long as your membership remains valid.

• You can use the laptop for a period of up to 4 hours, but only inside the library building. You can request an extension at the Circulation desk.

Please note:
It is your own responsibility to save your files on an external drive (disk-on-key), via email or via a similar method.

It will not be possible to restore lost data, or data that was saved on the computer. The library is not responsible for lost data.

The user will be responsible for any damage caused to the computer due to his/her misuse of the equipment.