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Online Ordering - Books and Periodicals

Online Ordering

Ordering Items Online

The National Library's online ordering service allows users to order items to the reading rooms for viewing purposes, free of charge. Users are not required to be physically present at the Library to order items. Once registered, users can order up to 20 items at a time using the National Library's "Merhav" search tool.

Reservation period: Once ordered, items will be held at the reception desk of the requested reading room for up to 14 days.

Loan extensions: Loans may be extended for an additional 7 days but only after the item is collected from reception.

Please note that items which are not collected within 14 days will be returned to stacks.

For assistance, please contact the Reference Department via telephone: 074-733-6400 or our live chat service.

Registration for the online ordering service will provide you with an online library card that enables users to order items for in-library use. If you would like to borrow books and take them home, you must complete the full registration at the Circulation Desk, situated on the ground floor.


Ordering an Item
The reading room staff does not place online orders for users, though we will gladly provide assistance with the online ordering process.

Each user can order up to 20 items at a time to a reading room or to the Circulation Desk. Each physical volume counts as one item. For example, a book comprised of 3 volumes counts as 3 items. This cap of 20 items does not include books borrowed for home use.

If the item ordered was not found, the request will be saved in the system for a period of one month. During this time, Library staff will continue to try and locate the item. At the end of this month you will receive notification of the status of the order.
Users can order an item currently on loan with another reader. Notification will be sent to the requesting user when the item is returned.

Only registered users who have received permission can place orders for rare items, and only after arranging a visit to the Library ahead of time. A registered user with the proper permissions can place an order online using the Library catalog.

If you would like to order a copy from remote stacks (SR), meaning a preservation copy, please ask a librarian to assist you.

From Sunday to Thursday, until 6:00 pm, and on Fridays until 11:45 am, items that are situated within the Library building will be processed on the same day they are ordered. Orders received after hours will be processed during the next working day.

Item Pick-up and Return:

Users may keep up to 20 items under their name in a reading room. Items that are ordered for the first time will be held at reception for two weeks. Once the items are collected at reception for the first time after ordering, the loan can be extended for an additional week. The items remain on loan as long as the reader extends the loan every week, in the "My Account" section of the website, up to a maximum period of four months. If the loan is not extended, the item will be returned to stacks.

Note: Items must be picked-up and returned to the reading room to which they were ordered.

It is the readers' responsibility to extend the loan period for items under their names.