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Borrowing Books Home

Borrowing Books Home

Home Use Memberships

To borrow books home you must first obtain a library card and become a member. A Home Use Membership can be purchased for a period of either a year or six months. See the full price list here.

Anyone with an Israeli ID card can purchase a membership which enables them to borrow books home from the National Library of Israel.

Non-citizens can purchase memberships upon presenting a passport as well as a security deposit.

A Home Use Membership can only be issued or renewed in the presence of the owner of the ID card/passport.

The membership fee, the number of books that can be borrowed and the loan period of each book is determined by various criteria.

Want to borrow books home? Click here to fill out a request for a Home Use Membership


Free Membership Eligibility

Institutional Affiliation Required Document
The Hebrew University:
Students for all degrees, faculty and administrative staff
Valid student/academic staff ID
Other universities in Israel:
Masters and PhD students, as well as scholars
​A letter of guarantee from the academic institution
​Undergraduates and staff from the following institutions:
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, The David Yellin Academic College of Education, Efrata College, Hadassa College, Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem College, Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem, Kaye Academic College of Education, Lev Academic Center (The Jerusalem College of Technology – Machon Tal and Machon Lev), Ono Academic College, Sha’arei Mishpat College, Shaanan College, Shalem College, The Schechter Institutes, Israel Antiquities Authority, The College of the Literary Arts – Poetry Place, The Open University of Israel,​ IDC Herzliya, Orot Israel College of Education, Mandel Foundation-Israel, The Family Institute of Neve Yerushalayim, Ariel University

A letter of guarantee from their academic ins​titution

​​First year immigrants to Israel (Olim)

Oleh certificate​

IDF soldiers in regular or permanent service, national service volunteers

A valid IDF identification card or volunteer card

Book Loans and Loan Periods

How Many Books Can Be Borrowed at a Time and for How Long?

Group Number of Books Loan Period
Citizens, B.A. students 10 books 30 days
M.A. students, Library employees, faculty and administrative staff of the Hebrew Univestiry, Lecturers and PhD students, Hebrew University professors etc. 40 books 90 days

The reader is responsible for returning the books to the Library at the end of the loan period. Materials are not renewed automatically, and non-returned items will incur a fine (5 NIS per item, for every day the item is overdue).

The National Library reserves the right to take disciplinary action against those who fail to return a book on time, damage a book or refuse to pay a fine.

Despite the above, if a book that is out on loan is requested by another reader, the borrower must return the book by the updated return date, which will be sent to him/her by email.

Circulation Department Price List

Home Use Memberships 1 Year 6 Months
Regular Membership ​200.00 ₪ ​100.00 ₪
Discounts for senior citizens and disabled IDF veterans ​100.00 ₪ ​50.00 ₪
Security deposit for non-citizens
100 $ or 100 100 $ or 100

Fines for Late Returns

The Library collects fines for late returns of items. The fine is 5 NIS a day per item.

A reader may not loan additional books so long as he/she holds a book that has passed its return date or so long as he/she has not paid any outstanding fines.

Extending a Loan Period

Book loans are not extended automatically. You can log in to your account with the National Library of Israel and extend a loan manually. The duration of the extension depends on the type of subscription you have.

Regular users and B.A. students receive an extra 30 days.

M.A. or PhD students, lecturers, administrative and academic staff at the Hebrew University and so forth receive an extra 90 days.

Please note: Books cannot be loaned for a consecutive period lasting over a year.