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Yad Ben-Zvi Collection
Yad Ben-Zvi Collection

Yad Ben-Zvi Collection

Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi is a governmental institute for culture and education that operates under the Yad Ben-Zvi Law – 1969 to in order to carry on the educational and scholarly work of Israel’s second president, Mr. Izhak Ben-Zvi (1884-1963).

Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi comprises two institutes that reflect areas of interest of President Ben-Zvi: The Ben Zvi Institute for the Study of Jewish Communities in the East and The Institute for the Study of the Land of Israel.

The institutes function as research centers and make sources for research available to scholars through the library, publish books and journals, support research, and organize – in their respective areas of scholarship – conferences and study days for the scholars community and the general public.

In addition, operating under Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi are The School of Jerusalem Studies and The Land of Israel Studies Center. These organizations offer an array of educational programs intended for the various sectors of Israeli society: adults, educational systems, soldiers, youth, children and others…

The Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi publishing house publishes acclaimed studies and academic journals (Katedra, Pe’amim, Et-mol). The photo archive that contains over 200,000 pictures in various formats and administers the “Exposing Israel” project.

Yad Ben-Zvi Library

The institute’s reference library reflects the areas of research of its various branches, and its collections are devoted to the study of Jewish communities in Islamic countries and the history and settlement of Eretz Israel. The library’s collections include over 120,000 manuscripts, books – including rare items, journals, manuscripts and marriage contracts (ketubot). In addition, the library’s holdings include thousands of documents and certificates from around the world, a large portion of them extremely rare and unique in content.

The library is open to the public Sunday-Thursday, 9:00-17:00.

Address: Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi Library – 14 Ibn Gabirol Street, Rechavia, Jerusalem

POB 7660, Zip code 9017601; email: [email protected]

Tel: 02-5398811; Fax: 02-5398810


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