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SADEH – Creative Hub @ the National Library of Israel

SADEH – Creative Hub @ the National Library of Israel

Comic Book Artists-in-Residence Program

In 2021 the Education and Culture Division of the Library launched a new Artists-in-Residence Program SADEH – Creative Hub.

In the first edition of 2021, we invited four Israeli and two European comic artists to create a series of comic books, which are based on the vast collection of the National Library of Israel. The artistic director of the series is the illustrator and comic book artist Rutu Modan.


DAN ALLON (Israel)

Born in 1982, graduated with a bachelor's degree in visual communication from Shenkar High School of Engineering, Design and Art in Ramat Gan and the program for further studies in art at Beit Berl College. Creator of independent alternative books alongside small booklets written and painted, and winner of the Mifal HaPais scholarship for a graphic novel in 2014. Participated in exhibitions as a painter and comic book creator around the world: Germany, Brazil, USA, France and more. Participated in festivals around the world, including several times at the Angoulem Festival in France and the Pomato Festival in Switzerland. Served as a writer and illustrator in the field of journalistic comics, as a participant in research groups of the Ministry of Education, the German Comics Association and the Museum of History in Germany. Presented a special project at the Cartoon Museum in Basel Switzerland. Member of the Israeli Amadram Group, which has been publishing comic books and anthologies since 2015 and was nominated for the Alternative Comics Award at the Angoulem Festival. This year the group will win a tribute issue to the Slovenian Stripburger magazine.

He is currently a lecturer in the Department of Visual Communication at Shenkar (formerly also at the Holon Institute of Technology), and curates an exhibition at the Israeli Museum of Comics and Cartoons in Holon.



Born in Jerusalem.
1972– 1976 – studied in the Department of Graphic Design at the Bezalel Academy.
1973-2000 - illustrator and designer.
She developed an independent career in press illustration: Yedioth Ahronoth, Maariv, Haaretz, The Group of Cities Newspapers, Monition, Machshavot, Echo of Education, The Seventh Eye and more.
1995 - Joined Actus Tragicus group within which she wrote and illustrated comic books, comics and also anthologies abroad (Germany, France, former-Yugoslavia, the United States) and participated in comic book festivals (in France, the United States, the Netherlands, Greece, Germany and more.)
In 2010 she was awarded the Design Award of the Ministry of Culture,  in 2012 awarded with the Israel Museum Award for illustrating a children's book and in 2016 the Golden Pencil Award of Holon Museum of Comics.

Her comic works are included in compulsory reading texts in the Department of Literature at the University of Connecticut, and in the compulsory reading of the Department of Gender Studies at the University of Klagenfurt in Austria and in illustration at Shenkar College and WIZO College in Haifa. Friedmann continues to illustrate newspapers, children's and youth books and recently illustrated large murals for the Diaspora Museum.




Born in Kiryat Tivon, 1979.
A graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, her final project won the Stern Award for high achievements in the field of illustration. Illustrated for four children's books, newspapers, animated videos and various widgets. Illustrated short comic book stories for a number of anthologies published by Kinneret Zmora Dvir and the independent publishers "Bokiman" and "Barash".
Founder and partner in the independent interactive magazine "Scrawl", which is dedicated to illustration and comics. The magazine combines innovation with storytelling and illustration. Contributed to the magazine as an editor and illustrator, together with artists from around the world. Former partner in the new media collective "TinkaTinka" which focuses on animation and interactive, notable projects: the mobile game "BrainBinge" which depicts horror art in Art Deco style, and design for the episode "The Crow" on Ze'ev Jabotinsky from the "Hebrew" documentary series.

Shiraz illustrates with a variety of manual and digital techniques, while maintaining her point of view artistically and thematically. Her works emphasize story building and character design, and combine high and low, horror with cuteness and reality and imagination. In places where the domains flow into each other there is potential to create a new occurrence, which will reward readers aesthetically and emotionally.



Born in 1982, married and mother of four.
She is working at a factory for electronic components. She was studying at the Faculty of Agriculture (Emuna College), the Hebrew University, the Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts but I did not graduate from any of them. She is a religious person (deep believer), conscious from the inside out, loves to read, draw, listen, and tell stories.




She was born in 1986 in Leipzig, Germany. Studied printmaking and illustration (2004–11) at the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig (HGB) and worked as a screen printer for Kayrock Screenprinting Inc. in Brooklyn, New York (2008–10). Returned to Leipzig to graduate with a diploma degree (2011). In 2012 she worked as an assistant teacher in the Illustration class at the HGB. In 2013 co-founded the Comics and Graphics Festival The Millionaires Club and returned to the HGB for postgraduate studies (2013–15). In 2020 she was awarded with the Max and Moritz Prize as best German Comic Artist.
She is working as an artist, cartoonist and illustrator in Leipzig, Germany.

Titles of Published Comic Books:
Drifter, The Artist, Schappi, Residenz Fahrenbühl, The Artist - Songs to the Feather



A comics artist, illustrator, and painter.
She was born in Warsaw and raised both in Poland and France during the’80 and the‘90 of the XX century. She studied painting and poster design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and graduated with honors in 2007. Since then she have published two full-length graphic novels, produced short comics for different magazines (“Strapazin”, “Kutikuti”, “Zwierciadło”, “Zwykłe Życie”), and took part in collective publications in comics anthologies.

She is also the recipient of several awards for her short comics stories, and more recently, a graphic novel “Koniec lipca” (“The End of July”) has been awarded the best Polish comic book prize at festivals in Warsaw and Łódź in Poland.

Titles of Published Comic Books:
Niedźwiedź (A Bear), Kot i królik/L'ours, le chat et le lapin (A cat and a rabbit), Koniec lipca/La fin de juillet (The End of July).

Contact Details

Tadeusz Wolenski

Coordinator of Sadeh Program - Creative Hub

Mail: [email protected]

The National Library of Israel

Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram

POB 39105 Jerusalem, Israel


The international participants of Sadeh will be supported by the National Library’s Gesher L'Europa (Bridge to Europe) programme, which aims to promote engagement between the Library’s Collections and Jewish heritage, culture and education in Europe.