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Holiday Closings

Holiday Closings

Holiday Closings

Pesach Eve 5.4.2023 Wed Closed
Pesach 6.4.2023 Thurs Closed
​Chol Hamoed Pesach day 1-2 7-8.4.2023 Fri-Sat Open with limited services until 16:00*
Chol Hamoed Pesach day 3-4 9-10.4.2023 Sun-Mon Closed
Chol Hamoed Pesach day 5 11.4.2023 Tues Closed
​​Seventh day of Pesach 12.4.2023 Wed Closed
​Holocaust Remembrance Day Eve 17.4.2023 Mon Open
Holocaust Remembrance Day 18.4.2023 Tues Open
​​National Remembrance Day Eve 24.4.2023 Mon Open until 19:00
National Remembrance Day 25.4.2023 Tues Open until 13:00
​Independence Day 26.4.2023 Wed Closed
Lag BaOmer 9.5.2023 Tues Open
Shavuot Eve 25.5.2023 Thurs Closed
Shavuot 26.5.2023 Fri Closed
Tisha b'Av Eve 26.7.2023 Wed Open until 17:00
Tisha b'Av 27.7.2023 Thurs Closed
Hebrew University August Vacation TBA   Open


*​ On these days only the following services will be available:

General, Judaica, Islam & Middle East Reading Rooms, Reference and Photocopying, Circulation Desk

The other reading rooms will be closed.