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Newspapers and Periodicals

Newspapers and Periodicals

The NLI Newspaper Collection

The Newspaper collection of the National Library of Israel contains millions of pages and hundreds of newspapers available to read and search through online: Israeli press, Jewish press, Arabic press of Ottoman and mandatory Palestine, children press and daily press. The collection contains millions of pages, hundreds of newspaper, available to read online.

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Israeli Press

The Israeli Press Collection contains all the periodic publications published in Israel, in all languages. The collection includes a variety of themes: society and politics, literature, art, architecture and design, economics, business, medicine, technology, agriculture, culture, parenting and family, consumerism, leisure, and more. As such, the collection is a dynamic and continuous portrayal of the different aspects of Israel's life and industry.

The collection includes all of the academic journals in various fields of research, government publications, social publications (for example, publications by various trusts and organizations, publications by ex- members of different Jewish communities – Libyan Jews, Yugoslavian Jews, Iranian Jews, and more), all religious publications including Parashat Hashavua and Synagogue classes, all commercial publications (for example: Tnuva's publications, hotel chains, catalogues, insurance agencies' publications, automobile price lists, etc. ), telephone books, university and college course catalogues, publications by various embassies in Israel, and more.

National and Local Government Publications

The collection includes all government publications, including publications from national institutions preceding the establishment of the State of Israel. The "Books Law 2000" requires all government institutions to submit publications to the National Library.

The collection of government publications includes official government reports (for example, State Comptroller reports), budget proposals, financial reports, local government journals, records (law proposals, official gazettes, the penal code, etc.), Central Bureau of Statistics and the Bank of Israel publications.

These publications provide mostly factual information relating to such fields as statistics, law, commerce and economics and covering all fields of activity in Israel.

The Library collects the publications of official organizations, such as the Israel Defense Force (the IDF journal "BaMachane", the journal of the Israel Air Force, "Witnesses in Uniform", "Systems"), the Israel Antiquities Authority, Yad Vashem and other bodies. The Library houses an interesting collection of journals of various IDF companies and platoons from the late 1940s.

Local Newspapers and Kibbutz Newsletters

The National Library collects, preserves and provides access to local newspapers and kibbutz newsletters published in our region since the 1930s. The collection includes all the local newspapers published by the three largest newspapers in Israel – Ma’ariv, Yediot Acharonot and Ha’aretz – in various languages (Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian), as well as kibbutz newsletters.

The information that can be obtained from these publications is municipal and local in its nature, covering issues that are not reported in the national press, such as aspects of everyday life and developments relating to local government, education and health systems, culture and so forth. The local newspapers and newsletters provide information about the character of different cities and kibbutzim and include op-eds discussing trends in local, national and international affairs.

These publications offer an opportunity to learn about local projects and initiatives and about possibilities for employment, leisure and entertainment. They include commercial information, information about municipal decisions, building permits and building conflicts, law suits, sanitation problems and so forth.

Most of the local newspapers and kibbutz newsletters have been placed on microfilm and can be ordered for viewing in the reading rooms using the online order form.

Arabic Press

The National Library of Israel holds an invaluable collection of Arabic periodicals that were published in the Ottoman Palestine and Mandatory Palestine between 1908 and 1948. Among the titles are daily newspapers with an emphasis on current events; satirical magazines; and social, educational, and cultural journals, which were published on a more-or-less regular basis (weeklies, bi-weeklies, monthlies, etc.). Some of the publishers were government bodies or public institutions, while others were private initiatives. A few of the newspapers operated throughout most of or during the entire period under review. The majority had smaller runs, with some longer than others.

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