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Jrayed – Arabic Newspaper Archive of Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine

Jrayed – Arabic Newspaper Archive of Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine

Jrayed Collection

Newspapers and journals from the past constitute one of the more clear-sighted vantage points for acquainting ourselves with bygone eras. These sources enable us to learn about historic events, track processes as they emerged, encounter figures and read the fruit of their labor. Moreover, they call attention to surprising information and allow us to experience the past from a wide range of angles, such as daily news items, the economy, culture, ideological views, and more. As a result, periodicals are an important resource for scholars as well as a portal for anyone wishing to access history through the words of its contemporaries.

The National Library of Israel holds an invaluable collection of Arabic periodicals that were published in the Land of Israel\ Palestine between 1908 and 1948. Among the titles are daily newspapers with an emphasis on current events; satirical magazines; and social, educational, and cultural journals, which were published on a more-or-less regular basis (weeklies, bi-weeklies, monthlies, etc.). Some of the publishers were government bodies or public institutions, while others were private initiatives. A few of the newspapers operated throughout most of or during the entire period under review. The majority had smaller runs, with some longer than others.

"Jrayed" is a digital archive of Arabic newspapers and journals primarily from late Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine. The titles include a wide variety of political, cultural, religious and economic viewpoints, and span dailies to quarterly periodicals. This archive is searchable by title and author name, and can be browsed by date, title, city and frequency.

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