Rachel Galinne
Rachel Galinne, 1992

Rachel Galinne

Rachel Galinne, one of the foremost composers of contemporary music in Israel, has composed symphonic and chamber works, solo pieces as well as vocal music for choir and soloists. Her musical inspiration is drawn from the leading modernist composers of the 20th Century along with European music of earlier periods.

Discover Rachel Galinne's oeuvre through a selection of audio recordings of the composer's works, original manuscripts of her works, interviews with the composer, articles, biographical landmarks interspersed with photos, letters, documents, newspaper cutting and articles authored by the composer – all from her personal archive which she donated to the Music Department of the National Library.

The Rachel Galinne Archive

The Rachel Galinne Archive is one of more than 250 personal archives of Israeli and Jewish composers world-wide who have composed religious and artistic music as well as Israeli folk songs, found at the National Library. Likewise, the National Library holds personal archives of musicians and musicologists. The archives were donated to the Library by the artists and scholars themselves or by their families. They are kept in the Sound Archives of the National Library in Jerusalem after having undergone preservation and indexing.

The Rachel Galinne Archive – the most comprehensive of the artist's archives – was donated to the National Library in 2011. Its call number in the Music Collection and Sound Archives is MUS 253.

The Archive includes manuscripts and scores of a great number of her works as well as pictures, letters, documents, articles, concert programs and newspaper clippings. In addition, recordings of her compositions and interviews with the artist can also be found in the Music Collection and Sound Archive of the National Library.

Dybbuk – A Concert at the Library

The concert in honor of the composer Rachel Galinne on the occasion of the transfer of her archive to the Music Department Archive at the National Library took place on September 18, 2011.

Listen to the Concert

Concert Program