How to Use the Library Catalog

How to Use the Library Catalog

Using the Library Catalog

Signing In

Signing in will give you the option to order items from the library's stacks and adds more results to article searches.

When you sign in you will also be able to see your personal details. Click on your “library card” to sign in to your account.

Your personal account includes your ordered book list, previous loans and information.

This personalized service is only available to readers who register for the system and open an account. Unregistered users may easily obtain a library card by filling in the online application form, free of charge.

If you have not registered for a library card, you can sign up here.


You can search by title:



Or any combination of the three.

While you are typing, you can choose to search through the library (books, archives, manuscripts, maps, music, etc.) search through articles and journal databases, or you can request results from both sources.

By performing an advanced search, you can select the search criteria including date and language to get more accurate and refined search results.

You can also use additional Merhav search criteria including the year of publication, the publisher, catalog number and more.

When searching for journal articles, Merhav includes various databases in a single search. Sometimes you will have online access to the article (typically in English) but in most cases, you will need to check in which journal and issue the article is in and perform a new search in the library using the title of the journal. For example:

This article on Florida was published in issue 10 of the journal Southern Jewish History. You can perform a search in the library to find the journal and the relevant issue:

When searching for an article, it is important to sign into the system first as some of the search results will only appear once you have logged into the system.

Search Results

If you did not receive the search results you were looking for, please check your spelling for any errors or try using different phrasing in your search for more exact results.

Please note that the system will search using the exact words you have entered. The system will search through the descriptive information only. If the words you have used in our search are not included in the description of the item, you will receive no results.

You will have different options of what to do with your search result including to source or quote the item, save, print and more.

Clicking on “details” will give you a full description on the item you are looking at.

You can find additional items from the author or additional items on the same subject matter by clicking in the relevant links.

Ordering items

Once you have found the item you are looking for, you need to check where the item is located by clicking on the “Order” button.

Some of the items are available in the library reading rooms and you can go directly to the shelves with the help of the catalog number. Other items are found in the stacks and they need to be ordered to the reading rooms.

To order items from the stacks you need to first log in to the system with your user name and password.

There are three steps to ordering items:

  1. Choose the item you want to order by marking the small circle next to the item on the list. 
  2. Decide which reading room desk you would like to have the item delivered to.
  3. Click “Order


The item will typically arrive at the requested reading room within 30 to 45 minutes.

Narrowing down search results

On the right side of the results screen there is an advanced bar with options to refine your search results.

The top option is to refine your search based on relevance, chronological order, according to the title or the name of the author.

From the search results you can select a refining facet and get refined results based on the selected facet..

With the help of the different categories you can refine the search results to a more exact list. Refining is particularly useful when searching by topic.

My Favorites

If an item seems interesting to you and you want to save the reference for future use, you can save the item using the pin feature.

Items that are pinned will be stored in your favorites and you can view them at any time.

You can also email or print the list in its entirety.

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