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Suggesting a Correction to the Catalogue

Z39.50 Connection Details

Host name:

Port: 1921

Name of Database: 972NNL_INST

User name: z39

Password: z39

We support the following record syntaxes:


The following attributes are supported by Alma:

Term (1016, 1017); Author (1, 1003, 1004); Subject (21); Title (4); ISBN (7); ISSN (8); Date (31); Identifier (12); OCLC Number (1211).​​

​For general information about the Z39.50 protocol, see here

​Other Alma customers, see Ex Libris configuration information to add NLI as a resource

ULI – Union List of Israel

The Israel Union List, of libraries in Israel (ULI) contains more than 9 million bibliographic records from the catalogues of university libraries, colleges and several other major libraries. Records are in MARC21 international format and include a link to the institution's local catalogue, where you can browse inventory data.

ULI also includes the Union List of Serials (ULS) catalog, that contains bibliographic records for more than one hundred thousand periodicals from over 170 academic libraries and special libraries, in all fields and languages. The catalog is managed by the National Library.

More about ULI and ULS

A complete list of libraries participating in the ULI with identification codes and contact details

A complete list of libraries participating in the ULS with identification codes and contact details