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Events in Israeli History

Events in Israeli History

Israel's history, particularly since the establishment of the State, has seen a long list of significant events that have shaped Israeli society. These historical affairs encompass the civil and social arenas, wars and military operations, political developments and more. Many of them have brought sensitive issues and debates to the fore, reflecting the diversity and complexities of the State of Israel, including the circumstances of its founding, its rapid demographic growth, and the persistent security threats.

Israeli society is in many ways still affected by the aftermath of past events that are often revived and publicly debated, even decades after their occurrence. Many are abstruse, their details unclear, with some still under investigation, drawing the focus of academia and the media, as well as political figures. 

The National Library of Israel preserves a wealth of material that illuminates public and personal aspects of the most significant events in Israel's history. The Library's collections contain books, photographs, posters, newspaper articles, studies, letters, testimonies and journals that detail these events and their impact on Israeli society.