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Family Visits

An Experience for the Whole family

We invite you to a quality experience for curious children (and parents), in a place of endless stories…

Family-friendly tours take place all year round at the Library, with an emphasis on scheduled school vacations and holidays.

Alongside a visit to “A Treasury of Words” and the other exhibits, we also offer special events during the holidays, workshops for the whole family, plays for children, and more.

Don’t miss out!

Tips for family visits

1. Got time on the way to the Library? Before you come, you’re invited to lie back and listen to our story. With the audio presentation, “On the Way to the Library”, you can learn about the progress the Library has made over the past 130 years. By the time you arrive you'll be ready to dive even deeper into the Library experience.

2. Tired of traffic? Don’t want to look for parking? The Library is located along a central road and can be reached with many forms of transportation. Buses, the light rail, bicycles – you only need to choose!

3. Feel like you’re bringing the whole house with you? Best to drop off your bags and other belongings at the coat check counter. This makes touring the Library that much easier.


4. Starving after feeding your brain with culture and history? The Library has a café (entrance floor, from Kaplan St), a restaurant (entrance floor, from Ruppin Rd), and even place for a picnic! The National Library garden is rich in plants and shade.
You’re invited to find a spot on the grass or sit on one of the amphitheater benches. Enjoy some Jerusalem air and a pleasant green corner.

5. The information booth has maps to help you find your way around the building, showing you all the must-see sights.

6. We thought of you and came up with something special! At the entrance to the exhibitions you can get an audio guide headset. Don’t forget to choose the audio track for families, which we created just for you!

7. Seven peep holes intended for children are spread around the permanent exhibition – go find them! Through these, you can see our greatest masterpieces from a slightly different perspective. Parents are also invited to take a peek.😊

8. You can talk, laugh, and especially ask questions throughout the National Library of Israel – but when we go into the large reading hall, we keep quiet. This is where many scholars come to sit and study, thinking up great ideas as we speak.

9. We recommend visiting the “Letters of Light” statue. Where are these letters? Take note – they are formed by the sun and the shade, and you are invited to try and “catch” them! Seek out the letters that make up your name. Did you succeed? Line up for a family picture next to the first letter of your last name!

10. Did you bring the really little ones with you? There’s a diaper changing station and a nursing room on floor L2.

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