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Where can you see the upcoming events?

The new homepage presents the most up-to date events. In addition, in the main menu, under the search bar, there is a button for "Cultural Events." There you can get all the information regarding the upcoming events happening in the Library.

What is "Alma"?

Read about Alma

I wish to make use on an item that appears on the website. How to I verify its copyright status?

Click here for all the details.

When does the Library hold a sale for books of which there are multiple copies?

The sale takes place every few months. Notice about the sale will go up on the Library's homepage and Facebook page.

What are the opening hours of the different reading rooms?

For opening hours, Click here.

Where is the Library located and how do I get there?

The Library is located at the Hebrew University Campus at Givat Ram. Click here for detalis.

Who can use the Library's services?

Anyone over the age of 16 can use the books in the reading rooms. Students and academic staff may borrow materials. Users can purchase a yearly library card for borrowing books- please refer to the Loan Department.

How do I find the book number and the book's location?

To order a book from the stacks you must have the book number, not the System number. The number can be found in the full catalogue listing at: "Location – All Copies". For example: S 98 A 135, or its location in one of the reading rooms.

When a book is located in one of the reading rooms, there is no need to order it, you can go directly to the reading room.

How long does it take for a book to arrive from the stacks?

A book that is located in the Library's stacks will arrive in about an hour. A book that is located in one of the Library's off-site storerooms must be ordered in advance.