Sefer Evronot

Sefer Evronot

About Sefer Evronot

Manuscript compiled according to the work "Evronot" on the Jewish calendar by R. Eliezer ben Yaakov Bellin and other sources. Written, decorated and illustrated by Pinchas ben Avraham Halevi (SeGaL).

Manuscript. Halberstadt (Saxony, Germany), 1716-1757. 198 fols., 180x160 mm. Ashkenazi cursive script.

The work deals with the calculation of leap years, setting the times of the holidays, the hours of the beginning of each of the four seasons and their supernatural meaning, dates of Christian holidays, etc.

On most of the pages there are lovely drawings in watercolor and gouache; some are illustrations to the text and some do not have any obvious connection to the text. Many drawings are scenes taken from Jewish tradition and from Christian culture, from the life of European nobility and peasants - such as the agricultural tasks of each month, modeled on peasant calendars. In the manuscript there are many symbolic drawings - angels in the shape of putti and women, ornamented initial words, zoomorphic characters, floral decorations, animals and birds.

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