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Jewish Electronic Resources

Jewish Electronic Resources

Title Subject Language
Accordance Judaism, Religious Studies English
ATLA Religion Database + ATLAS Isalm & The Middle East, Judaism, Religious Studies, Christianity English
Confidential Print: Middle East History, Judaism English
Dictionary of Gnosis & Western Esotericism Christianity, Religious Studies, Judaism English
Encyclopaedia Judaica Judaism English
Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Religious Studies, Judaism, Isalm & The Middle East English
Encyclopedia of Religion Judaism, Religious Studies English
Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls Judaism, Religious Studies, Christianity English
Index to Jewish Periodicals Judaism, Religious Studies English
Index to the Study of Religions Isalm & The Middle East, Judaism, Christianity, Religious Studies English
Index to Yiddish Periodicals – IYP Hebrew Language, Judaism English
Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees: The West’s Response to Jewish Emigration History, Judaism, Political science English
Jewish Encyclopedia, 1901-1906 Judaism, Religious Studies English
Jewish Life in America History, Judaism English
Jewish Studies Source Judaism, Religious Studies English
Old Testament Abstracts (OTA) Religious Studies, Judaism English
RAMBI – Index of Articles on Jewish Studies 1966- Judaism English
Testaments to the Holocaust History, Judaism English
אוצר החכמה Judaism Hebrew
אינדעקס צו דער ייִדישער פּעריאָדיק -IYP Linguistics, Judaism Yiddish
בייס הספר – Basehasefer Judaism Hebrew
הביבליוגרפיה של הספר העברי ר"ל-תש"ך Judaism Hebrew
המילון ההסטורי ללשון העברית Hebrew Language, Linguistics, Judaism Hebrew
כותר Judaism Hebrew
מאגר עדי נוסח של התלמוד הבבלי Judaism Hebrew
מפתח למאמרים בעברית (IHP) Isalm & The Middle East, History, Education, Judaism, Social Science, Political science, Literature Hebrew
מקראות גדולות הכתר Judaism, Hebrew Language Hebrew
נבו Judaism, Law Hebrew
פרויקט השו"ת המקוון – אוניברסיטת בר-אילן Judaism Hebrew
רמב"י – רשימת מאמרים במדעי הJudaism Judaism Hebrew
תלמוד ירושלמי Judaism Hebrew