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Document Delivery Price List

Document Delivery Price List

​​Patrons of other libraries can borrow books from the National Library's collections via the Interlibrary Loans Department, which also provides document delivery services.

A price quote will be sent to the client in accordance with the price list.

The order will be carried out only after receiving payment.

Scan from a book or a journal​ (In the photocopy center)

Page Quantity Private Customer Academic Institutions in Israel
up to 20 35.00 ₪ 25.00 ₪
21-50 45.00 ₪ 25.00 ₪
51-100 55.00 ₪ 50.00 ₪
over 100 55.00 ₪ plus 0.30 ​₪ for each page 50.00 ₪ plus 0.30 ₪ for each page

Special item Scans (In the digitization center)

Item Price
handling fee per item* 60.00 ₪
The handling fee is in addition to the scan fee, which is determined for each item as follows:
Scan of a page from a rare book or Special scan of a page from a book 5.00 ₪ 
Scan of a page from an archive​ or from a physical manuscript (paper) *** 8.00 ₪ 
Scan of a photograph or Negative \ image \ page scan ​from a book larger than A4 15.00 ₪ 
Scan of a map/poster 70.00 ₪ 

* When paying in US dollars, the handling fee will be 20$
** When ordering 11 or more reels, the handling fee will be 42₪
*** When ordering a single scan from the archives, handling fees will be paid for all five archival files from the same archive.

Added Fee for Special Prints

Paper Type Page Size Price
Enhanced Matte Paper (32.9cm X 48.3cm) 120.00 ₪
Singleweight Matte Paper (32.9cm X 48.3cm)​
Enhanced Matte Paper (42cm X 59cm)
Singleweight Matte Paper (42cm X 59cm)
Premium luster photo paper (42cm X 59cm)​ 200.00 ₪
Singleweight Matte Paper 100cm X 70cm​
Enhanced Matte Paper 100cm X 70cm​
Water Resistant 100cm X 70cm​ 230.00 ₪
Matte Canvas 100cm X 70cm​

* Prices do not include scan and handling fees​

Files from Web-Based Databases​

Service Private Customers Educational Institutions
File from a web-based database that is open to the Library​ 50.00 ₪ 25.00 ₪
Audio file from the Library Archives 50.00 ₪ 50.00 ₪
File containing a scanned item from the Library collections* 50.00 ₪ 50.00 ₪

* Price of supplying a scan of an item that has been scanned and is available in the Library catalog. When only part of the item is requested, an additional fee amounting to 1.5₪ per page will be added on.

The prices in this table include service fees.

Interlibrary Loan (within Israel and from abroad) and from the National Library to colleges and other institutions that are party to the arrangement

Service Price
​Loan of a book from another university in Israel to the National Library 20.00 ₪
Loaning a book from a college in Israel to the National Library 25.00 ₪
Loaning a book from the National Library to a college in Israel or to an institution that is party to the arrangement 25.00 ₪
Loan of a book from another college in Israel to the National Library
Up to 50
over 100
35.00 ₪
60 ₪
60 ₪ plus 0.30 for each page
Ordering a book from a university abroad to the Library:
- Handling fee
- Price set by the library abroad
- Price of delivery with DHL

60.00 ₪
Up to 40.00$
By weight
Ordering a scan of an item from a library abroad:
- Handling fee
- Price set by the library abroad

60.00 ₪ 
Up to 40.00$

Books ordered from other libraries can be viewed only in the National Library building.

Please notice:

Scans of books larger than A4, or rare books, can only be made at the Digitization Center.

Even if the requested item already exists as a scanned file, the customer will be charged for the scan, excluding scanned posters or maps.

The scans will be sent via email. If delivery is required, the customer will be charged the price of delivery according to the price set by the Postal Authority. The copy can be received on a CD for an additional 50 shekel.

You can now choose the "Fast Track" option which enables delivery of a copy in 3 business days, at double the price of the tariff.