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Wikipedia at NLI: Become a Wikipedia Editor!

Wikipedia at NLI: Become a Wikipedia Editor!

The Library and Wikimedia Israel are joining together to introduce you to the world of Wikipedia editing. During the meetings you will learn about the idea behind Wikipedia, as well as, in a nutshell, how you can contribute to the biggest database in the world. At the end of each meeting you will be able to gain some experience with actual editing, and to leave your mark on one of the most influential cooperative projects ever.

The meetings are held at the National Library, and usually take place on the first Friday of every month. Every meeting will include an introductory lecture on the subject of Wikipedia (60 minutes), instructions on how to open an account and edit (60 minutes), and practical experience. The meetings will be held in the computerized seminar room opposite the Library entrance.

Please note: the meetings will be held in Hebrew.

For more details and registration: 074-7336400, [email protected]

The Partnership between the NLI and Wikipedia

As of today, Wikipedia is the world's fifth largest site in terms of site traffic and constitutes a key source for trustworthy, accessible and updated information. The approach that allows anybody to contribute to Wikipedia gives thousands of a people the opportunity to impart their knowledge for the benefit of users all over the world.

This partnership is carried out via GLAM – a framework in which Wikimedia Israel and cultural institutions come together to bring hidden cultural treasure into public consciousness. In the context of this framework, cultural institutions can enter information, pictures and links into Wikipedia, and in doing so, can enrich numerous entries.

Come contribute to Wikipedia! Imagine a world in which everyone has free access to the entirety of human knowledge. It's our responsibility!