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Israel Press Council Archive

Israel Press Council Archive

Israel Press Council

The Israel Press Council was established by representatives of the press (publishers, editors and journalists) and representatives of the public. The Council is responsible for the maintenance of professional ethics in the free press and determines the ethical code to which the press must subscribe. In this capacity, the Council is also responsible for enforcing this code of ethics. Its main objectives are safeguarding freedom of the press and the public's right to know. The Press Council addresses complaints regarding violations of the ethical code, maintaining ethical courts for this purpose. These courts have the authority to impose various punishments on journalists or publications.

The archive of the Press Council contains physical and digital records of complaints that have been processed. The entire archive has been digitized and indexed in order to make it accessible to the public in a convenient format. Materials can be viewed by date or publisher. Searches can be conducted using the case name, plaintiff's name or name of the accused.

The archive of the Israel Press Council is among the foremost vehicles for research on the Israeli press, public issues, and significant events in Jewish and Israeli history.

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