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Announcements and Updates

Announcements and Updates

The NLI in a Period of Transition

Updates regarding the move to the new Library building.

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Transfer of Archives to New Library Building

In late January we will begin transferring archival materials to the new Library building.

This process will last several weeks and during this time most of the Library's archival materials will be inaccessible.

Archival files that have already been ordered and that have arrived can still be viewed in the reading room. If you wish to order and view items in the near future, before the transfer begins, we recommend pre-ordering the items.

During the transfer period it will be possible to order items, but they will only be supplied after they have completed their transfer to the new Library building.

Once the process is complete, it will be possible to order archival items and view them as usual.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Delays in Supply Times From New Remote Stacks

We are currently experiencing delays in supply times for books found under "New remote stacks" in our online catalog.

When the item arrives at the Library building, you will receive an email update.

We are working to resolve the issue.

Thank you for your patience.

Edelstein Collection selection relocated

As part of the Library's coming relocation to a new building, a broad selection of the Edelstein Collection has been transferred to the General Reading Room. The Edelstein Collection forms now a unique contribution to the General Reading Room in the fields of science history, medicine and nutrition, subjects that until now were generally absent from the reading room's shelves. This selection of the Edelstein Collection will be placed in a designated area in the Library's new building. We hope the readers will benefit from the enhanced availability of the Edelstein Collection books in the General Reading Room

Transferring Books to the New Premises

We are excited to share that the National Library has started moving items from its stacks to the new Library building, soon to be completed.

The first stage of this operation includes the transfer of books from the Library's current local and remote stacks. This stage is expected to be complete by October 2022. So far, some 2,000,000 books have been transferred.

The next stage will include the transfer of archival materials and rare items and is expected to last around two months.

Once an item has been received at the new premises, its location in our catalog is displayed as "New remote stacks". You will still be able to order these items for viewing purposes at our current building.

Note: The supply period for items stored in the "New remote stacks" is two days. This time period will be shortened in the future, as more books are transferred to the new premises.

In addition, delays are a possibility as advanced robotic storage systems are currently being installed in the new Library building