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Transaction Cancellation Policy - Document Delivery Service

Transaction Cancellation Policy - Document Delivery Service

• The customer shall be entitled to cancel a transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, 5741–1981 (aka "the Consumer Protection Law") and the regulations which have been enacted pursuant thereto.

• NLI shall be entitled to charge a transaction cancellation fee in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law.

• There will be no refunds for handling fees, unless otherwise specified below.

• No refunds will be provided once production has begun. This includes the scanning of an item.

• In the case of an off-the-shelf product which is handed or delivered to the client, cancellation will be possible from the time of purchase and until 14 days after the product is received, on condition that the product is returned to NLI in its original packaging.

• The cancellation will only be valid if notice is sent by written mail to the following postal address: The National Library of Israel, Edmond J. Safra Campus, the Hebrew University, Givat Ram, Jerusalem, P.O. box 39105, Jerusalem. 9139002, the Document Delivery Department, or via email to [email protected] .

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the NLI receives the cancellation request.

For more information, call +972-74-733-6412, Sunday-Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm.

• It will be possible to cancel a transaction due to a defect in a non-digital product or due to a discrepancy between the product that was specified in the offer and the product that was delivered. In such cases no cancellation fee will be charged.

• Scans conducted by NLI are performed at the highest quality possible. However, the quality of the end-product is dependent on the quality of the original item being scanned. In the case of a defect in the digital file, a substitute file will be supplied to the customer if possible with no option to cancel the transaction or receive a refund.

• NLI reserves the right to cancel a transaction at its own discretion, if a customer is identified as someone who is unable to conduct the transaction or if law prohibits NLI from selling products to the individual.

• Products that are ordered for delivery will be delivered by a delivery company on behalf of NLI to the customer's address, with the customer paying such costs in advance. If the delivery company cannot reach a certain address or remote community, the delivery will be canceled and NLI will notify the customer in this regard. NLI or anyone on its behalf will not be held responsible and will not cover any consequential, indirect or special damages caused to the client because of any tardiness, delay or failure to supply the product for any reason.

• Delivery fees specified on the website do not include fees for delivery of packages of exceptional size or delivery to locations outside of Israel. In cases of packages of exceptional size or deliveries to locations outside of Israel NLI shall be entitled to charge an additional fee to the one charged for regular deliveries.