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צילום: בוריס כרמי, 1939-1995
מתוך: ארכיון בוריס כרמי, אוסף מיתר

מקס ברוד (1968-1884), סופר, מסאי, מחזאי ומלחין. בשל ידידותו הקרובה עם הסופר פרנץ קפקא, הצליח ברוד לחלץ רבים מכתבי היד והמכתבים של קפקא לאחר מותו של האחרון בשנת 1924. בהמשך פרסם את יצירותיו ובסס את מעמדו של קפקא כסופר מוביל בזירת הספרות העולמית. בישראל ברוד היה פעיל כסופר ויועץ לתיאטרון "הבימה". הארכיון מכיל חומרים ביוגרפיים של ברוד, יומנים, התכתבות, כתבי יד ותצלומים וכן מכתבים וכתבי יד של חברו פרנץ קפקא.

Title Max Brod Archive
Additional Titles כותרת בעברית: ארכיון מקס ברוד.
Scope and content The archive includes biographical material, diaries, correspondence and manuscripts, photographs, letters and manuscripts by Franz Kafka, as well as manuscripts by Otto Hoffe and by others.
Contributors Franz,Kafka 1883-1924 ((creator of the archive))
Otto,Brod 1888-1944 ((creator of the archive))
Notes temporary record, no list
Deutsches Literaturarchiv (DLA)
Citation Note ARC. 4* 2000 Max Brod Archive, National Library of Israel, Jerusalem
Host Item Max Brod Archive
Language Multiple languages
Call Number ARC. 4* 2000
Level of Description Fonds Record
Biographical summary Max Brod (Prague 1884 - Tel Aviv 1968) was a writer, philosopher and composer. His novels belong to the canon of mid-20th century German literature. Due to his close friendship with the author Franz Kafka, Brod was able to rescue many of Kafka's manuscripts and letters after the latter's death in 1924. Brod later published Kafka's collected works and thus established Kafka as a leading writer in the arena of world literature. In Palestine/ Israel, Brod was active as an author and advisor to the Habima theater in Tel Aviv.
Ownership history According to Max Brod's last will and testament dated June 7, 1961, his secretary Ilse Ester Hoffe was appointed executor of his will. Part of her task was to find an appropriate place for Brod's papers in a public archive or library. Although the library of the Hebrew University (today the National Library) was mentioned as the first choice in Brod's will, Ilse Ester Hoffe failed to transfer the materials to this or any other library during her long lifetime. Instead, she kept all of them in bank safes and in her private home. In the course of the decades after Brod's passing, from time to time Hoffe sold valuable items out of the estate, beginning with items in Kafka's handwriting, e.g. letters and the manuscript of the famous novel "The Trial". After Hoffe's passing in 2007, there was a long legal battle between Hoffe's heirs and the National Library about the fate of Brod's written estate. All three courts involved (Family Court in Tel Aviv in October 2012, District Court in Tel Aviv in June 2015, Supreme Court in Jerusalem in August and December 2016) ruled that the estate of Max Brod, including the Kafka papers, were to be transferred to the National Library. Additional materials were discovered in Germany and confiscated by the Federal Police, but eventually have been handed over to the Library in May 2019.
Language Note Most of the material is in German, small parts are in French and in Hebrew, some items in Czech.
National Library system number 990040766880205171
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