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צילום: לא ידוע, בערך 1932-1935
מתוך: אוסף אברהם שבדרון

Gershom Scholem (1897-1982) was a German Israeli historian of religion and thinker. He was the director of the Judaica department at the National Library, and the president of the Israel Academy of Sciences. He was lecturer of Jewish mysticism at Hebrew University, and published extensively on Jewish topics. He was one of the founding members of Brit Shalom. The archive includes correspondence, biographical material, Scholem's original handwritten articles, notes and lectures on various aspects of Kabbalah, preparatory work and notes on Sabbatianism, Chassidut and Zionism, notes and preparatory work on the Frey-Dobruschka brothers and on Ephraim Joseph Hirschfeld.

Title ארכיון גרשם שלום.
Additional Titles English title: Gershom Gerhard Scholem Archive.
Scope and content בארכיון: התכתבות, חומר ביוגרפי, כתבי יד של מאמרים, רשימות שונות, והרצאות בנושאי הקבלה השונים, רשימות וחמרי הכנה על השבתאות, על החסידות ועל הציונות מאת גרשום שלום. רשימות וחמרי הכנה משלו בנושא האחים פריי - דוברושקה ויוסף אפרים הירשפלד. בארכיון גם קלטות אודיו.
In the archive: correspondence, biographical material, manuscripts of articles, various lists, and lectures on the various Kabbalah topics, lists and preparation materials on the Sabbaths, Hasidism and Zionism by Gershom Shalom. His own notes and preparatory materials on the subject of the Frey brothers - Dobrushka and Yosef Ephraim Hirschfeld. Audio tapes are also in the archive.
Creation Date 1914-1983
Notes The archive includes: correspondence, biographical material, Scholem's original handwritten articles, notes and lectures on various aspects of Kabbalah, preparatory work and notes on Sabbatianism, Chassidut and Zionism, notes and preparatory work on the Frey-Dobruschka brothers and on Ephraim Joseph Hirschfeld.
אוסף הקמיעות שנמצא בארכיון גרשם שלום צורף לאוסף הקמיעות הכללי שמספרו: V 183
ארבע קלטות אודיו נמצאות במחלקת הפונותיקה וסימנן:Y 10000-10003
תערוכה הוצגה בבית הספרים הלאומי והאוניברסיטאי בירושלים תשמ"ז 1987, במלאת חמש שנים לפטירתו של גרשם שלום.
Citation Note ARC. 4* 1599 ארכיון גרשם שלום, מחלקת הארכיונים, הספרייה הלאומית, ירושלים.
Extent 15 מטר..
Host Item ארכיון גרשם שלום.
Language Hebrew
Call Number ARC. 4* 1599
Level of Description Fonds Record
Biographical summary חוקר הקבלה והמיסטיקה היהודית, היסטוריון והוגה דעות. גרשם שלום נולד בגרמניה 1897. ב 1911 הצטרף לתנועה הציונית. ב 1923 עלה לארץ ישראל. היה מנהל המחלקה ליודאיקה בספרייה הלאומית בין השנים 1923-1927. וב 1925-1965 לימד מיסטיקה יהודית באוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים. היה נשיא האקדמיה הישראלית למדעים בשנים 1968-1974. בשנת 1958 קיבל פרס ישראל במדעי היהדות. פירסם מחקרים וספרים רבים. בין ספריו החשובים שאף תורגמו לשפות רבות: שבתאי צבי והתנועה השבתאית בימי חייו, פרקי יסוד בהבנת הקבלה וסמליה, מברלין לירושלים. נפטר בירושלים 1982.
Gershom Scholem was born as Gerhard Scholem on Dec 5, 1897 in Berlin. With this name Gerhard he signed his doctoral thesis in 1922, but later changed his name to the Hebrew Gershom. From the time around his bar mitzvah, he began studying Hebrew with several teachers. Searching for his roots and "Jewish authenticity", he was attracted to Zionism and the thought of Judaism and joined the Jung Judah circle, whose activists were members of the Zionist movement. Due to his anti-war views in connection with the run-up to WWI, he was forced to leave school in 1915, about a year before graduating, and to pass the matriculation exams at another school in Berlin. Beginning in 1915, he studied mathematics at the university of Berlin. Here he met Walter Benjamin and they became close friends until Benjamin's death in 1940. Scholem edited with his friend Erich Brauer Die Blauweisse Brille, in which they treated the First World War from a Jewish and Zionist angle. Because of Scholem's anti-war and Zionist views he fell out with father, lost all financial support and was turned out of the family home. Later the two reconciled, his father financed Scholem's studies and all his living expenses until he immigrated to Israel, but continued to refuse to accept him back home. In 1917 Shalom was drafted into the army, but after only three months he was released on the pretext of insanity. After his release, he moved to the University of Jena, where he continued his studies in mathematics and philosophy. In 1918 he moved to the University of Bern, where he began to study Semitic languages and philosophy, after deciding to switch to Jewish sciences instead of mathematics. He returned to Germany and continued studies at the University of Munich. There he wrote his dissertation on Sefer HaBahir and received his doctorate in 1922. Scholem immigrated to Israel in September 1923 as part of the third Aliyah. Between 1923 and 1927 he managed the Judaica department at the National Library in Jerusalem. In 1923 he married Esha Burchhardt. The two divorced in the summer of 1936, in December of that year Sholem married Fanya Freud. In 1925 he became lecturer at the Institute of Jewish Studies of Hebrew University, and in 1933 he was appointed professor. In 1941 he was appointed dean, in 1945 a full professor. He retired from teaching in 1964. In 1946 he and Abraham Yaari went to Europe on behalf of the Hebrew University, to save and collect Jewish cultural treasures, especially books which had been confiscated by the Nazis. They brought the books to Israel, in order to help rebuild the Jewish culture and strengthen the continuity of the nation after the Holocaust. During this exhausting journey he visited the concentration camps, and spoke about the Land of Israel to the survivors. From 1950 until his death, Scholem was a member of the committee of the Institute for Photographs of Hebrew Manuscripts, which was established by David Ben-Gurion with the aim of photographing all the Hebrew manuscripts that exist in libraries and museums around the world. In 1954 he was one of the founders of the Leo Baeck Institute and was a member of the institute's advisory board until his death. He died in Jerusalem in 1982.
Ownership history הופקד לצמיתות על ידי אשתו פניה שלום בנובמבר 1984. בספטמבר 1989 הופקדו יומנים נוספים על ידי הגב' פניה שלום.
Language Note הארכיון ברובו בעברית, אנגלית וגרמנית.
National Library system number 990026337380205171
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