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The Dan Hadani Collection
Dan Hadani, 1970

The Dan Hadani Collection

The IPPA (Israel Press & Photo Agency) collection includes photographic documentation of the history of the State of Israel, Israeli society and Israeli culture.

This photo agency was founded by Mr. Dan Hadani in 1965 and operated until 2000. During these 35 years, a rich collection was created, including photographs sent by photographers from all over the country, documenting Israel from the days preceding the Six-Day War to the Second Intifada: Wars, peace agreements, settlements, terror attacks, demonstrations, political upheavals, cultural events and more. In addition to all this, the daily realities and the more casual side of Israeli life were also captured in these photographs, offering a glimpse into Israeli society and culture during the second and third generations of the State. The collection also includes photos of leaders, senior military officers, politicians from Israel and abroad, cultural figures and hundreds of thousands of other photographs which comprise an impressive mosaic of the events, crises and people that shaped the society and influenced it for many years.

In 2016, Dan Hadani decided to transfer the entire collection of photographs to the National Library.


Dan Hadani

Dan Hadani was born in Lodz, Poland, in 1924. He survived the Holocaust alone and is the only survivor of his entire family. At the end of the war he returned to Poland, continued to Italy, and in 1948 immigrated to Israel.

After immigrating to Israel, he joined the IDF and served in the Navy. Later, he moved on to the IDF Intelligence Corps and then to the IDF Spokesperson's Office where he was exposed to the media world. When he was discharged he founded the IPPA photography agency, which supplied photographs of events in Israel to many media outlets around the world.