Announcement on National Library Closure: Coronavirus Updates

Announcement on National Library Closure: Coronavirus Updates

Due to Health Ministry directives, The Library will is closed to the public.

Library management and staff are available to provide a response to your questions, comments and suggestions.

We wish you good health!

A student in Givat Ram has been diagnosed

The Hebrew University would like to bring to your attention that a PhD student from the Department of Applied Physics at the Faculty of Science in the Safra Campus (Givat Ram) has been diagnosed with mild Coronavirus disease and is currently hospitalized at the Shaare Zedek Hospital.

The student was infected by a relative who was later diagnosed as a confirmed Corona patient. She further acted according to the Ministry of health instructions.

The Hebrew University team has been in touch with her few times to support her and to trace her exact itinerary on campus, including locations she was present and worked since infection and until entering isolation.

All the students with whom she had direct contact and her lab team were notified
The Corona identification was reported to the Ministry of Health, to the Dean of Students and to the Human Resources Department of the Hebrew University.

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Health, anyone who was in contact with her should be in isolation for two weeks from the time of contact with the infected student.

Outlined below is the student's track in the campus:

Tuesday 3 March:
09:30 - Arrival on Campus through Neve Shaanan gate.
10:00 - Arrival to Bergman building - upper floor, floor 3, Room 300 area, WC one floor below and WC near the lab.
10:00-10:45 - At the lab.
15:45 - The cafeteria at the Sprinzak Building.
16:00-18:30 - Private lesson in Sprinzak, Floor -1 at Shprinzak, The 4th post from entrance of the computer farm that faces the corridor/pedestrian passage.
18:30-20:00 at the lab.

Wednesday, March 4th:
09:30-10:30 - Academon bookstore (Sherman building, Safra Campus).
10:30-12:45 - At the lab.
12:45-13:30 - Lunch at the cafeteria near Bergman building.
14:00-20:00 - At the lab.

Thursday March 5th:
09:30 - Arrival to the lab.
09:30-11:30 - At the lab.
11:30-13:00 - Lunch at the cafeteria near Bergman building.
13:00-16:00 - At the lab.
16:00-17:30 - Floor -1 at Sprinzak computer farm, one of the first three posts.
17:30-21:00 - At the lab.
21:00 - Going home by bus number 14 from the station near Neve Shaanan gate.

Since March 6 – she did not arrive to the University.
Since March 7 - In self-isolation after identifying her relative as a confirmed Coronavirus case.
On March 13, the Ministry of Health confirmed her as infected by Corona.

Any individual who was in contact with her, according to the above track is requested to self-isolate, in accordance with the Ministry of Health regulations!

Following confirmation with the Ministry of Health, there is no need to disinfect the places in which she was present because of the time that had passed since then.