International Membership

International Membership

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The National Library of Israel, the central institution of collective memory for Israel and for the Jewish people worldwide, opened its spectacular new building in Jerusalem in October 2023. The new building is part of a historic renewal, transforming the Library into a dynamic center of cultural and intellectual life that preserves treasures of knowledge and heritage and ensures that people everywhere can encounter and be inspired by the National Library of Israel’s collections.

There has never been a more exciting time to become a National Library of Israel International Member. Be a part of this moment.

To celebrate, we are offering International Members limited-time benefits!


The Exclusive Carrel Circle: $18,000

Joining the Exclusive Carrel Circle is a meaningful way to honor someone special, leave your legacy and be an active supporter of the National Library of Israel’s new building. Further to the membership benefits presented below, you will enjoy the special opportunity to have a named dedication at one of our study carrels.

Exclusive Carrel Circle rates will go up in 2024

To join the Exclusive Carrel Circle, contact [email protected]


Premium Annual International Membership: $1,800

Enjoy Enhanced Annual International Membership benefits plus:

  • Four (4) free entry tickets to our visitor center and galleries
  • Two (2) free entry tickets to cultural events (3 events/year)


To become a Premium Annual Member, contact [email protected] 

Enhanced Annual International Membership: $1000

Enjoy Basic Annual International Membership benefits plus:

  • Two (2) free entry tickets to our visitor center and galleries
  • Discounted entry for cultural events and rotating exhibitions

To become an Enhanced Annual Member, contact [email protected]

Basic Annual International Membership: $360

Enjoy special benefits including:

  • Introductory gift
  • Invitation-only access to select live and virtual events
  • International library card


To become a Basic Annual Member, contact [email protected]

  • All US-dollar based donations are tax-deductible through NLI USA 501c3, click here.
  • For Israel-shekel based membership, click here.
  • For Canadian-dollar based membership, click here.


For more information and to become an International Member contact [email protected]


Questions? Comments? Write to us: [email protected]

Can my family also benefit from my membership?

Absolutely! Memberships are per household.

Can I bring family and friends on my private tour?

Certainly! You can have up to ten people on your curated tour.

How do I renew my membership?

Simply email us at [email protected]

How will I hear about special events and do I need tickets?

We will update you by email about upcoming events and relevant ticket information.

How do I reach out to my personal expert librarian?

We'll send information in your welcome packet.

Is my membership fee tax deductible?

Yes, it is tax deductible in the USA and Israel. Regarding potential tax benefits in other countries or if you have any other questions, please contact: [email protected]

Do I have to pay online?

You can pay membership dues in many ways: online, check or bank transfer. Please email us with any questions: [email protected]

Can I become a member in Canada or another country besides for Israel or the US?

Absolutely! Please contact: [email protected]