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זמירות שבת

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Title זמירות שבת
Additional Titles שבועות [הקלטת וידאו]
Contributors פרייליך, יצחק, 1922-2002 (מבצע)
פרייליך, מל (מקליט)
פרייליך, טובי
Creation Date 1998
Notes Yitzchak Freilich was born into a Hasidic family in the shtetl of Radomyszl Wielcki, province of Tarnow Poland, on the last day of Chanukah, 1922. His father, Asher Freilich, was a Baal Tefila, and, when they got older he and his brother, Naphtali, would join my they father when he davened out of town for shabbes. A favorite venue was Dembitz, and many of the niggunim they adopted are Dembitzer niggunim. Yitzchak Freilich survived six concentration camps and came to America in 1949. In the years before his death in 2002, his son made a series of video recordings of him on sequential erev yom tovim or shabbes, where Feilich would sing the Tfilot and Piyyutim or the Zmirot that were sung or recited "back home." He would frequently contextualize these musical offerings with a description (in a mixture of Yiddish and English) of how the Yom-Tov was celebrated in the shtetl, what the customs were.
הקיטלוג נעשה ללא צפייה בחומר.
רשומה כללית ללא פירוט תוכן
Speaks in Yiddish and English.
Genre Nigunim
Musical traditions (Jewish), Ashkenazi, Eastern-European, Hasidim
Duration 00:30:33
Additional Place Queens, New-York
Language Yiddish
Call Number ZP 00636
National Library system number 997009706353105171

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