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Title Draft section of the Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended.
Additional Titles The chronology of ancient kingdoms, amended (draft)
Chap. 1/ Of the Assyrian Empire
Co-Author יהודה, אברהם שלום, 1877-1951 (בעלים קודמים)
Original Library/publisher The National Library of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel
Creation Date 171-
Subject Digitized manuscripts
Related Publication Cf. The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended (London 1728)
Genre Autograph manuscripts
Notes נושא נוסף: פילוסופיה כללית
נושא נוסף: Autograph. Newton, Isaac
The National Library of Israel Jerusalem Israel Ms. Yah. Var. 1/ Newton Papers 25.1b
Format 4 ff.
Language Latin
System Number 990037912340205171
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