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Title כתובה. גילברלטר. תרפ"ט.
Additional Titles Ketubbah. Gibraltar. 1929
Related place Gibraltar-place of writing
Co-Author מנחם בן מסעוד ((חתן))
Original Library/publisher Yale University Library, New Haven, CT, USA
Publisher גיברלטר
Creation Date טז בסיון תרפ"ט (1929)
Subject Digitized manuscripts
Genre Ketubbot
Notes חתן: מנחם בר מסעוד בר מנחם בן ערי
כלה: מסעודא בת אברהם בר ברוך צרפתי.
Bridegroom: Menahem bar Masʼud bar Menahem ... [ben?] ʻAri.
Bride: Masʼuda bat Avraham bar Barukh Zarfati.
Marriage contract, manuscript, ink and paint on vellum, dated 16th of Sivan, 5689 (1929, June 24) at Gibralṭar. Text is surrounded with floral design of red carnations. Above the text is a crown and below the text is a bow.
Yale University Library New Haven, CT USA Hebrew MSS suppl 53 (Broadside)
Ownership History Purchased from Vinograd and Rosenfeld on the Arthur D. Krom Fund, 2001.
Format 1 דף
67X59 ס"מ.
Language Hebrew
System Number 990036872840205171
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