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An "exploration of Greek mythology and art ... [which interprets] the victory of Zeus and the gods over the giants as a triumph over the Yahweh-believing sons of Noah, and with it the demise of Greek humanity's faith in God"--Midwest Book Review.

Title Athena and Kain : the true meaning of Greek myth / Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr.
Additional Titles True meaning of Greek myth
Publisher Annapolis, Md : Solving Light Books
Creation Date 2003
Content Identities of the main Greek characters -- The first couple -- Eden's Greek counterpart -- The way of Kain -- Ares : the hated son of Zeus and Hera -- The line of Seth takes Kain's women -- The Flood wipes out the line of Kain -- Nereus : the Greek Noah -- The Flood depicted on the Parthenon -- The transfigured serpent -- The rebirth of the serpent's Eve -- Hermes : the deified Cush from Babylon -- The first seven labors of Herakles -- Return to the serpent's tree : Herakles' last five labors -- The gods defeat the giants -- Athena and Kain -- The great chariot race : Hippodameia avenged.
Format viii, 214 pages : illustrations
23 cm.
Language English
Identifier ISBN0970543824
System Number 990043628200205171

תנאי השימוש:

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