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Talmudic Transgressions' is a collection of essays on rabbinic literature and related fields in response to the boundary-pushing scholarship of Daniel Boyarin. These essays are attempts to transgress boundaries in various ways - boundaries differentiate social identities, literary genres, legal practices, or diasporas and homelands. Contributors include Julia Watts Belser, Jonathan Boyarin, Shamma Boyarin, Virginia Burrus, Sergey Dolgopolski, Charlotte E. Fonrobert, Simon Goldhill, Erich S. Gruen, Galit Hasan-Rokem, Christine Hayes, Adi Ophir, James Redfield, Elchanan Reiner, Ishay Rosen-Zvi, Lena Salaymeh, Zvi Septimus, Aharon Shemesh, Dina Stein, Eliyahu Stern, Moulie Vidas, Barry Scott Wimpfheimer, Elliot R. Wolfson, Azzan Yadin-Israel, Israel Yuval, and Froma Zeitlin.

Title Talmudic transgressions : engaging the work of Daniel Boyarin / edited by Charlotte Elisheva Fonrobert, Ishay Rosen-Zvi, Aharon Shemesh, Moulie Vidas
in collaboration with James Adam Redfield.
Co-Author Fonrobert, Charlotte Elisheva (editor)
Publisher Leiden : Brill
Creation Date 2017
Content From intertextuality to lyyun / Authorial: human and divine, Azzan Yadin-Israel -- A place of Torah, Moulie Vidas -- Tosafot Gornish Post-Kant: the Talmud as political thought, Sergey Dolgopolski -- Shattering the Nomos / Did the Rabbis consider Nazirhood an Ascetic practice, Aharon Shemesh -- " The Torah was not given to Ministering Ange's": Rabbinic aspirationalism, Christine Hayes -- Footnotes to Carnal Israel: Infertility and the legal subject, Berry Scott Wimpfheimer -- Temporalities of marriage: Jewish and Islamic legal debates, Lena Salaymeh and Zvi Septimus -- Carnal Israels / Myth, history and eschatology in a Rabbinic treatise on birth, Galit Hasan-Rokem and Israel Jacob Yuval -- Rabbinic trickster tales: The sex and gender politics of the Bavli's sinful sages, Julia Watts Belser -- Phallic Jewissance and the pleasure of no pleasure, Elliot R. Wolfson -- "Changing the order of creation": The Toldot Ben Sira disrupts the medieval Hebrew cannon, Shamma Boyarin -- Ethnicity and radical Jews / Paul and Jewish ethnicity, Erich S. Gruen -- Paul and the Universal Goyim: "A radical Jew" revisited, Ishay Rosen-Zvi and Adi Ophir -- Kinship and Qiddushin: Genealogy and geography in b. Qiddushin IV, Jonathan Boyarin -- Paul in the Jerusalem of Lithuania: Samuel Joseph Fuenn's Path of God, Eliyahu Stern -- Fat Rabbis & Friends / Revisiting the Fat Rabbis, Zvi Septimus -- Socrates, the Rabbis and the virgin: The dialogic imagination in late antiquity, Virginia Burrus -- What would Martin Luther say to Danial Boyarin, Simon Goldhill -- Homeland and/as diaspora / The battle of Qedesh on the Plain of Hatsor: On the Hasmonean roots of the Galilean foundational myth, Elchanan Reiner -- As the gates of Jerusalem, so the gates of Mahuza: Defining place in diaspora, Charlotte Elisheva Fonrobert -- Following goats: Text, place and diaspora(s), Dina Stein -- Bio-Bibliography / Crossing boarder lines: Daniel Boyarin's life/work, James Adam Redfield
Notes "Originated in a conference held at the University of California, Berkeley, in April 2014"--From the editors.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
In English with Hebrew and Aramaic citations.
Series Supplements to the Journal for the study of Judaism, 1384-2161
volume 181
Format xii, 584 pages
25 cm.
Language English
Identifier ISBN9789004345324
System Number 990040921330205171

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