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"A bestselling author and rabbi's profoundly affecting exploration of the meaning and purpose of the soul, inspired by the famous correspondence between Albert Einstein and a grieving rabbi." --

Title Einstein and the rabbi : searching for the soul / Naomi Levy.
Edition First edition.
Publisher New York : Flatiron Books
Creation Date 2017
Content Searching for the soul -- 1. Meeting the soul -- 2. Einstein and the rabbi: reviving souls -- 3. Finding the me within me: locating your inner essence -- 4. Taking a soulfie -- 5. Encountering the three levels of the soul -- Tapping into the life force: the key to vision and action -- Raising the volume of the soul's voice: feeding and awakening the soul -- 6. Giving the soul what it wants -- 7. Meditating in medicine for the soul -- 8. Letting music lift your soul -- 9. Eating to satisfy your soul -- 10. Praying and learning as keys to understanding -- 11. Restoring the soul in nature -- 12. Welcoming the sabbath: reviving your soul with a day of rest -- Assessing the soul's expansive wisdom -- 13. Stepping back to gain a wider perspective -- 14. Moving beyond our narrow thoughts -- 15. Seeing through the "truths" we tell ourselves -- 16. Glimpsing the tapestry: detecting hidden connections -- Discovering the power to act -- 17. Breaking free of old, familiar patterns --
18. Pregnant forever: finding the courage to complete what you've begun -- Listening to the love force: the key to intimacy and uncovering your calling -- Learning to love deeply -- 19. Turning a heart of stone into a heart of flesh -- 20. Experiencing the healing of forgiveness -- 21. Praying for holy fear: learning to think before you act -- 22. Recognizing the saving power of true friends -- 23. Finding a soulmate -- 24. Entering marriage with five holy qualities -- 25. Discovering the secret to a lasting marriage -- 26. Parenting with soul -- Uncovering your holy calling -- 27. Heeding the call of the soul -- 28. Knowing you are the right man for the job -- 29. Feeling the soul's tug -- 30. Turning your weakness into your strength -- 31. Bringing your soul to work -- 32. Defeating the soul's adversary -- 33. Know who you are: recognizing your true divine power -- Welcoming the eternal force: the key to your higher knowing -- Experiencing unity and a taste of eternity --
34. Bridging distances and returning home -- 35. Perceiving the forty-two journeys of your soul -- 36. Recognizing how setbacks can lift you higher -- 37. Seeing your world to come -- Gaining a higher understanding of time and eternity -- 38. Treasuring blessings that can never die -- 39. Living on soul time -- 40. Experiencing the oneness -- 41. Giving pleasure to the soul -- 42. Beholding threads of connection -- Coming full circle: The letter.
Notes Includes bibliographical references (pages 331-338).
Format x, 338 pages
25 cm.
Language English
Copyright Date ©2017
Identifier ISBN9781250057266 (hardcover)
ISBN1250057264 (hardcover)
System Number 990039585620205171

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