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"This collection of studies by Helmut Mejcher is published on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. It testifies to a lifetime of research on the history of the Middle East and North Africa. The articles examine imperialist schemes and designs by the Western Powers for a new order in the region; the struggle of the Arab states to find their own way; the impact of oil and the socio-economic changes it entailed; and historical turning points in the course of the 20th century"--Back cover.

Title The struggle for a new Middle East in the 20th century : studies in imperial design and national politics / Helmut Mejcher
edited by Camilla Dawletschin-Linder and Marianne Schmidt-Dumont.
Co-Author Dawletschin-Linder, Camilla (editor)
Publisher Berlin : Lit
Creation Date 2007
Content Oil and British policy towards Mesopotamia, 1914-1918 -- British Middle East policy : the inter-departmental level -- Some aspects of the German Baghdad railway policy -- American oil interests and policies of penetration in Saudia Arabia and the Gulf in World War II -- Iraq's external relations, 1921-26 -- Political challenges in the Middle East and some responses by the young Arnold Toynbee -- Social change and political modernization in the Arab Gulf States : a challenge to the traditionalism of alien politico-military dominance? -- Umar al-Mukhtar and the Jihad against Italian colonialism : the contemporary German perception -- North Africa in the strategy and politics of the Axis powers, 1936-1943 -- The West German economic and financial interests in the Arab world -- Saudi Arabia's 'vital link to the West' : some political, strategic and tribal aspects of the Transarabian Pipeline (TAP) in the stage of planning, 1942-1950 --
Germany's relations to the near and Middle East, 1934-1984 -- Egypt and the Mediterranean in World War II : the Middle East supply centre in perspective -- Saudi Arabia's relationship with Germany under King Abdul Aziz -- Banking and the German oil industry, 1890-1939 -- The socio-economic impact of the Second World War on Egypt -- The Arab Middle East in the 20th century : historical turning points and structural profiles -- Prospects of Israeli-Palestinian co-existence : former attempts at a regional economic integration -- King Faisel Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud in the arena of world politics : a glimpse from Washington, 1950-1971 -- The June 1967 War : new aspects and research results -- American commercial and cultural approaches to to the Middle East in the mid-20th century : Harold B. Hoskins missions to the Middle East during the Second World War -- Hitler's route to Baghdad? Some aspects of German oil policy and political thinking on the Middle East in the 1930s and early 1940s --
The plight and relief of God's nation : the First World War and the German Templar community in Palestine -- Germany and Saudi Arabia : encounters in the 20th century.
Notes Includes bibliographical references and index.
"Bibliography of Helmut Mejcher's published works (without reviews): " p. 419-424.
Series Periplus Studien
Band 11
Format xi, 424 pages : illustrations
24 cm.
Language English
Identifier ISBN9783825805807 (pbk.)
ISBN3825805808 (pbk.)
System Number 990036510610205171
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