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Exploring Renaissance humanists' debates on matter, life and the soul, this volume addresses the contribution of humanist culture to the evolution of early modern natural philosophy so as to shed light on the medical context of the Scientific Revolution.

Title Medical humanism and natural philosophy : Renaissance debates on matter, life, and the soul / by Hiro Hirai.
Publisher Leiden : Brill
Creation Date 2011
Content Acknowledgements by Way of a "History"
1. Medical Humanism and Natural Philosophy
2. Matter, Life and the Soul
3. The Newly Recovered Texts and Their Interpretations
4. Philosophy in the Manner of Medical Humanists
Chapter One Nicolò Leoniceno between the Arabo-Latin Tradition and the Renaissance of the Greek Commentators
1. Introduction
2. Galen: The Vegetative Soul and Innate Heat
3. Aristotle and Pietro d'Abano: Celestial Heat, the Intellect and the Soul's Vehicle
4. Alexander of Aphrodisias and Simplicius: The Seed's Inner Nature.
5. Averroes and Themistius: Ideas, Intellects and Souls6. Conclusion
Chapter Two Jean Fernel and His Christian Platonic Interpretation of Galen
2. The Divine Forces of Forms
3. God the Creator and Fetal Formation
4. The Divine and Celestial Nature of the Soul
5. The Notion of Faculty
6. The Formative Force and the Divine Craftsman in the Seed
7. The Spiritus and Its Innate Heat
8. The Physiological Functions and Their Occult Causes
9. Fernel's Source
10. Conclusion
Chapter Three Jacob Schegk on the Plastic Faculty and the Origin of Souls
1. Introduction.
2. The Plastic Faculty as the Instrument of God3. The Plastic Faculty as the Second Actuality
4. Is the Plastic Faculty Corporeal or Incorporeal?
5. The Divine Vehicle of the Plastic Faculty
6. The Separability of the Divine Vehicle
7. Is the Plastic Faculty a Part of the Soul?
8. Conclusion
Chapter Four Cornelius Gemma and His Neoplatonic Reading of Hippocrates
2. Fernel and the Hippocratic Notion of "Something Divine"
3. Cardano and His Hippocratism
4. Gemma and His Neoplatonic Hippocratism
5. Petrus Severinus and the Parisian Connection?
Chapter Five Fortunio Liceti against Marsilio Ficino on the World-Soul and the Origin of Life1. Introduction
2. Liceti's De Spontaneo Viventium Ortu (1618)
3. The World-Soul in the "Junior Platonists"
4. Ideas in the "Major Platonists"
5. Ficino and the Earth's Soul
6. Cicero's De Natura Deorum as Ficino's Source?
Chapter Six Daniel Sennert on Living Atoms, Hylomorphism and Spontaneous Generation
2. The Origin of Souls in Normal Generation
3. The Eduction of Forms
4. Schegk and the Plastic Force
5. The Nature of the Seed and Its Spiritus.
6. Spontaneous Generation in Sennert7. The Atoms of Living Beings and Their Souls
1. Natural Philosophy and Medical Humanism
2. Toward a Quest for the Seminal Principle: Sennert and Beyond
1. Jacopo Zabarella, Liber de calore coelesti, in De rebus naturalibus (Frankfurt, 1607)
2. Giovanni Argenterio, De somno et vigilia libri duo (Florence, 1556
Venice, 1592)
3. Domenico Bertacchi, De spiritibus libri quatuor (Venice, 1584)
4. Fortunio Liceti, De spontaneo viventium ortu (Vicenza, 1618)
Notes Includes bibliographical references (p. [195]-220) and index.
Series History of science and medicine library
v. 26
Medieval and early modern science
v. 17
Format xiii, 227 pages
25 cm.
Language English
Identifier ISBN9789004218710
System Number 990033679460205171

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