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Inspired by Theodore Papanghelis' Propertius: A Hellenistic Poet on Love and Death (1987), this collective volume brings together seventeen contributions, written by an international team of experts, exploring the different ways in which Latin authors and some of their modern readers created narratives of life, love and death. Taken together the papers offer stimulating readings of Latin texts over many centuries, examined in a variety of genres and from various perspectives: poetics and authorial self-fashioning; intertextuality; fiction and 'reality'; gender and queer studies; narratological readings; temporality and aesthetics; genre and meta-genre; structures of the narrative and transgression of boundaries on the ideological and the formalistic level; reception; meta-dramatic and feminist accounts-the female voice. Overall, the articles offer rich insights into the handling and development of these narratives from Classical Greece through Rome up to modern English poetry.

כותר Life, love and death in Latin poetry : studies in honor of Theodore D. Papanghelis / edited by Stavros Frangoulidis and Stephen Harrison.
מחברים/ יוצרים נוספים Frangoulidis, Stavros A. (editor)
מוציא לאור Berlin : De Gruyter
שנה 2018
הערת תוכן ותקציר Introduction: Life, Love and Death in Latin Poetry -- Part I: Roman Elegy -- Propertius and the Unstructured Self / Gibson, Roy -- Love and Death in Propertius 1.10, 1.13 and 2.15 : Poetic and Polemical Games with Lucretius, Gallus and Virgil / Fabre-Serris, Jacqueline -- From Grave to Rave : Reading 'Reality' in Propertius 4.7 and 4.8 / Williams, Gareth -- Place and Meaning in Tibullus, Lygdamus, Sulpicia / Heyworth, S.J. -- Sulpicia and the Speech of Men / Batstone, William W. -- Ovid's Literary Entrance : Propertian and Horatian Traces? / Harrison, Stephen -- Part II: Augustan and Neronian Epic -- Till Death do us Part ... or Join : Love beyond Death in Ovid's Metamorphoses / Sharrock, Alison -- Death and Life in Lucan / Konstan, David -- Part III: Historiography-Lyric Poetry, Erotic Epistolography and Epigram -- The Music of Time : Sallust's Sempronia (Cat. 25) and Horace's Lyce (Odes 4.13) /
Against Aesthetic Distance : Ovid, Proust, and the Hedonic Impulse / Feldherr, Andrew M. -- Peponi, Anastasia-Erasmia -- Epicurean Philosophical Perspectives in (and on) [Vergil] Catalepton 5 / Keith, Alison -- Part IV : Roman Drama and Novel -- Aphrodisia and the Poenulus of Plautus : The Case of Agorastocles / Frangoulidis, Stavros -- Stoic Moral Perfectionism and the Queer Art of Failure : Toward a Theory of Senecan Tragedy / Wray, David -- Resurrection Woman : Love, Death and (After)Life in Petronius's Widow of Ephesus / Slater, Niall W. -- Part V: Reception -- Love and Death in Renaissance Latin Bucolic: The Chronis and its Origins (Biblioteca Nacional de México Ms. 1631) / Laird, Andrew -- The Pope as Arsonist and Christian Salvation : Peter Causton's Londini Conflagratio : Carmen / Manuwald, Gesine -- Many Un/happy Returns from Eurydice / Spentzou, Efrossini -- Publications by Theodore D. Papanghelis --
הערות Festschrift.
Monographic series, supplementing a journal.
"Publications by Theodore D. Papanghelis": pages 313-316 and indexes.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Cited texts in Latin and Greek accompanied by English translation.
סדרה Trends in classics. Supplementary volumes, 1868-4785
volume 61
תיאור xvi, 329 pages
24 cm.
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מזהה ISBN9783110587760
מספר מערכת 990047649500205171

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