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From the Preface: This volume is a revised translation of my handbook Ur Textilkonstens Historia and surveys the world history of textiles from ancient times to the twentieth century. Much of my work has been done in the Scandinavian countries where textiles from all parts of the world have been particularly well preserved. In this same area there is also a living tradition of crafts and implements which has continued until recent times-a situation resulting from the fact that the Industrial Revolution, which obliterated most of the domestic crafts elsewhere in Western Europe, came very late to the less urbanized northern countries. In addition, most parts of Scandinavia have suffered less from the effects of war and revolution than the rest of Europe. Many European and Oriental textiles date from the medieval period and were once ecclesiastical property, while others, of earlier date, have come to light as a result of archaeological excavations. In Sweden, material of this kind comes under the supervision of the Central Council and Museum of National Antiquities (Riksantikvarieambetet and Historiska Museet) in Stockholm. The present handbook, first published in 1972, is based on a life's work in textiles within the latter institution. The book begins with basic technical data concerning materials, looms and weaves before going on to discuss problems relating to technical developments. This discussion in turn is an introduction to historical accounts of special topics such as silk manufacturing, knotted pile fabrics, dyeing and textile printing, and the textile trade. A chapter on textiles and textile crafts in Scandinavia places this important material in its European context for the first time ever. Parts of this material, and some of the idea put forward here, have previously been limited to a narrow circle of readership, if indeed they have been published at all.

כותר A history of textile art / Agnes Geijer.
מוציא לאור London : Pasold Research Fund in association with Sotheby Parke Bernet
Totowa, N.J : Distributed by Biblio Distribution Center
שנה 1979
הערת תוכן ותקציר Preface -- Introduction -- Materials: -- Wool and other animal fibres -- Silk -- Bast fibres (flax, hemp, nettle) -- Cotton -- Metal thread -- Other kinds of materials -- Production of thread -- Weaving Implements: -- Basic principles of weaving -- Seven basic types of looms: Tapestry loom -- Linen loom of ancient Egypt -- Weaving with tubular warp -- Warp-weighted loom -- Treadle loom -- Indian cotton loom -- Tools and appliances for weaving bands -- Woven Fabrics And Weaving Techniques: -- Basic weaves -- Classification of weaves -- Development Of Plain Weaving: -- Material, weaves and looms -- Climate and weaving implements -- Tubular loom and warp-weighted loom -- Worldwide production of fine woolens -- Reeled silk versus short-fibred spinning material -- Treadle loom spreads to the west -- Developments in medieval western Europe -- North-eastern Europe -- Individually Patterned Weaves: -- Tapestry techniques -- Other weaves with individual designs -- Mechanical Patterning: -- Drawloom -- Comparison of eastern and western weaving techniques -- Some technical observations -- Development in Italy -- Developments in France -- Silk Weaving In Asia: -- China -- Persia -- Byzantium and Islam -- Silk Weaving In Europe: -- Italy -- France -- Other European countries -- Silk Weaving In Scandinavia: -- Denmark, Sweden -- Linen Damask And Other Table Linen: -- Netherlands and Germany -- Northern countries -- Knotted Pile Fabrics And Other Fleecy Textiles: -- Nordic rya-rug -- Knotted carpet of the Orient -- Fleecy textiles of various shapes and origins -- Summary -- Dyeing, Textile Printing And Pattern Dyeing: -- Dyeing -- Printed fabrics -- Methods of pattern dyeing -- Indian painted and printed cottons -- East India cotton trade -- Miscellaneous Textile Techniques: -- Bands and braids -- Sprang -- Felt and tapa -- Textile Trade With The Orient: -- Trade routes from the Mediterranean and Southern Europe -- Viking trade through Russia -- Europe discovers Russia -- Swedish trade via Russia -- Textiles And Textile Crafts In The Scandinavian Countries: -- Bronze and Iron ages -- Viking period -- Middle Ages -- Textiles from the seventeenth century onwards -- Distribution of the warp-weighted loom in Scandinavia -- When And How Textiles Have Been Preserved And Should Be Preserved: -- Archaeological finds -- Textiles above ground -- Fading and changes of colour -- Concluding Remarks: -- Question of methods -- Notes -- Abbreviations -- Bibliography -- Sources of the illustrations -- Index -- Plates.
הערות Rev. translation of the 1972 ed. published under title: Ur textilkonstens historia.
Also issued online.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 290-305) and index.
תיאור xi, 317 pages, [48] leaves of plates : illustrations
22 cm.
שפה אנגלית
מזהה ISBN0856670553
מספר מערכת 990040641750205171

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