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Jewish Fiction Written in 16 Languages
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Jewish Fiction Written in 16 Languages

Stories as Reflections of Jewish Life Across Time and Place

Jewish Fiction Written in 16 Languages

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Jewish Fiction .net is the only English-language journal, either print or online, that is devoted exclusively to Jewish fiction. With readers in 140 countries, and now celebrating its 10th anniversary year, Jewish Fiction .net has published over 450 works of fiction from around the world, which were originally written in English or translated into English from 15 languages: Italian, Serbian, Romanian, Turkish, French, Danish, Polish, Spanish, German, Croatian, Hungarian, Russian, Hebrew, Ladino, and Yiddish.

In this talk, Dr. Gold will briefly discuss 16 of the stories in Jewish Fiction .net (one from each of the above languages, including English), and will relate these to some of the central themes in Jewish fiction. Dr. Gold will also comment on what Jewish fiction is (and is not), and will consider the relationship between fiction and “real” life, and in what ways Jewish fiction can reflect the lived experiences of Jews from various times and places. All 16 authors of the works being discussed in this talk are part of the Library through their books.

Dr. Nora Gold, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the online literary journal Jewish Fiction .net


Tuesday July 13th 4 Av 08:00 - 09:00


Dr. Nora Gold


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