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The Cultural and Historical Treasures of Israel and the Jewish People

The Cultural and Historical Treasures of Israel and the Jewish People

In recent years, the National Library has been investing effort in providing access to content relating to the history and culture of the Land of Israel and the Jewish People, to both the scholarly community and the general public. Among other things, Library staff has sought to enable proper access to the Library's collections to audiences in Israel and around the world, using advanced technology. Here below, you can begin to explore these collections through these new National Library content pages, and get a first glimpse of an ongoing process.

List of Content Pages:

Rabbi Yitzchak Yaacov Reines

The National Library has been collecting and preserving this material for more than 120 years. Throughout this period, old and new books have been collected, with an emphasis on texts dealing with Jewish subjects as well as various books that were published in different parts of the Jewish world. The National Library is in possession of more than five million books and journals, as well as thousands of additional items which make up its special collections, including manuscripts, archives, maps and musical recordings.

The National Library is in the midst of a process of renewal during which it will expand and develop into a 21st century library, consistently creating physical and digital collections which encompass the many generations and aspects of Jewish and Israeli culture. The Library provides services both in-person and online to the general public and to scholars in Israel and around the world and plays a central and active role in the spiritual and cultural life of the State and all of its citizens, as well as of the entire Jewish People.

In light of the desire to reveal these materials, we have designed these special webpages which showcase fascinating and rare content. Each of these pages represents a gateway into a different world of knowledge, and allows free access to the treasures of the National Library to the general public.