⁨⁨Al-Inarah⁩ - ⁨الإنارة⁩⁩







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About this newspaper

Title: ⁨⁨Al-Inarah⁩ - ⁨الإنارة⁩⁩
Available online: 1 September 1925 - 1 July 1929 (36 issues; 1,381 pages)
Language: ⁨Arabic⁩
Region: ⁨The Middle East⁩
Country: ⁨Mandatory Palestine⁩
City: ⁨Acre⁩
Collection: ⁨Jrayed - Arabic Newspaper Archive of Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine⁩
Frequency: ⁨Monthly⁩
Al-Inarah was a monthly religious, historical, literary and scientific magazine. The owner was the Economos Nicola Hanna, priest of Rome in Acre, and the chief administrator was Michel Nicolas Khoury. The first issue was published in September 1925. Al-Inarah was the only Orthodox magazine published in the area during the Mandate period and was printed at the national press in Acre. The magazine was published following the requests of the majority of the Orthodox Church members in the Galilee to create their own magazine that would be similar to the magazines of other Christian churches that were published both in Palestine and Syria. The magazine published articles on religious topics for community members, and non-religious topics as well, such as short novels that were translated from Russian. The last issue was published in July 1929 and then the magazine closed its doors.
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