⁨⁨Al-Baath⁩ - ⁨البعث⁩⁩






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About this newspaper

Title: ⁨⁨Al-Baath⁩ - ⁨البعث⁩⁩
Available online: 19 December 1948 - 20 April 1951 (50 issues; 373 pages)
Language: ⁨Arabic⁩
Region: ⁨The Middle East⁩
Country: ⁨Mandatory Palestine⁩
City: ⁨Tulkarem⁩
Collection: ⁨Jrayed - Arabic Newspaper Archive of Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine⁩
Frequency: ⁨Daily⁩
Al-Ba'th was a daily political newspaper with a nationalist orientation. It was originally published in Tulkarem in 1947 and then moved back and forth between Ramallah and Jerusalem. The newspaper's first slogan was “One Homeland, One Nation”, which was later changed in line with the official Ba’th party slogan “One Arab Nation with an Eternal Message.” It is worth noting that the newspaper was published the same year that the Ba'th Party was founded in Syria, by Michel Aflaq, Salah al-Bitar, and Zaki al-Arsuzi. The owner and editor-in-chief was 'Abdallah al-Rimawi, who dedicated the editorial policy to serving the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party.
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