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About this collection

Welcome to the Newspaper collection of the National Library of Israel. This collection contains newspapers and other periodicals from NLI collections, as well as collections from several collaborating institutions- making all of them fully searchable.

The collection consists of publications from all over the Jewish World alongside local Press- historical and contemporary alike, in over 15 languages. You can find here Hebrew press from the 19th century and from last week, as well as Yiddish press from Poland and Argentina, Ladino press from Greece and Turkey, Judeo-Arabic press from Morocco and French publications from France and Tunisia. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. It is hard to think of an event, a phenomenon, a place or a person that you would not find in this collection. Give it a try!

This collection contains 322,124 issues comprising 3,164,167 pages and 21,491,072 articles.