⁨⁨Al-Samir⁩ - ⁨السمير⁩⁩



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About this newspaper

Title: ⁨⁨Al-Samir⁩ - ⁨السمير⁩⁩
Available online: 25 February 1940 - 5 May 1940 (11 issues; 302 pages)
Language: ⁨Arabic⁩
Region: ⁨The Middle East⁩
Country: ⁨Mandatory Palestine⁩
City: ⁨Haifa⁩
Collection: ⁨Jrayed - Arabic Newspaper Archive of Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine⁩
Frequency: ⁨Weekly⁩
Al-Samir was an illustrated weekly published in Haifa for one year beginning in February, 1940. According to a statement by the magazine's editor, Munir Haddad, appearing on the front page of the first issue, the magazine aimed to provide a satirical Arabic language weekly that would not be dependent on foreign journals or publishers. In practice, however, the magazine's editors acknowledged the difficulty of having to compete with foreign journals. Haddad believed the goal was attainable so long as the initiative had the support of readers. The magazine published humorous fiction and nonfiction in addition to weekly news and reporting on upcoming events. The magazine's satirical tone is evident throughout: jokes, funny stories, and caricatures fill the pages, in addition to special columns such as "Where to Go this Week" and "Story of the Week." Attuned to the British authorities, the weekly followed British current events and political activities. It is not known when exactly the weekly ceased publication. It is known that it was not published for more than one year and that it quickly disappeared from the newsstands. In 1946, about five years after it closed, the publisher Munir Haddad began to publish a new satirical journal, Al-Mihmaz.
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