⁨⁨Al-Kashshaf⁩ - ⁨الكشاف⁩⁩




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About this newspaper

Title: ⁨⁨Al-Kashshaf⁩ - ⁨الكشاف⁩⁩
Available online: 1 March 1936 - 1 April 1937 (5 issues; 100 pages)
Language: ⁨Arabic⁩
Region: ⁨The Middle East⁩
Country: ⁨Mandatory Palestine⁩
City: ⁨Bethlehem⁩
Collection: ⁨Jrayed - Arabic Newspaper Archive of Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine⁩
Frequency: ⁨Monthly⁩
Al-Kashshaf (The Scout) was a monthly literary, social, and ethical magazine published by the Antonian Charitable Society of Bethlehem. One of its first editors was Nicola Qattan, followed by Anton Salih Murqus and 'Abdallah Hanna Bandak. The chief administrator was Father Norberto Richani, who was then replaced by Hanna Salih Morcos. The magazine was printed at the Holy Land Press of the French Fathers in Jerusalem. The magazine published many articles that covered various topics such as freedom and politics, in addition to numerous short stories, opinion pieces, and reviews.
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