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Title Ierusalem, et suburbia eius, sicut tempore Christi floruit, cum locis, in quibus Christus passus est...
 descripta per Christianum Adrichom Delphum.
Co-Author Georg Braun 1540 or 1541-1622
Christiaan van Adrichem 1533-1585
Michael Eytzinger -1598
Publisher [Köln],
Creation Date 1590]
Notes 2 sheets together, copperplate
Imaginary plan
From: Braun, George and Hogenberg, Franz, The German edition: Beschreibung und Contrafactur der Vornembsten Staet der Welt. Koeln, 1590, Vol. IV, p.58-9.
An enlarged copy of Adrichom's Jerusalem, but oriented to the north
German text on both sides of verso: "Jerusalem. Von Michael Eyzinger beschriben und illustriert".
אוסף המפות על שם ערן לאור, הספרייה הלאומית
digital map code Jer014
Format 727 x 477 mm..
Language Latin
Call Number Jer 14
Laor 1041A
System Number 990023680860205171
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אוסף המפות ע"ש ערן לאור

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