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Text on the Back - The Four Questions have been asked by Jewish chidren every year for centuries at the start of the Passover Seder. Now a gloriously illustrated new book, The Four Questions, to be published by Dial Books in March 1989, captures this wonder in a unique and beautiful format. Artist Ori Sherman Presents twenty-four exquisite full-color paintings, brimming with lush colors as a whimsical collection of animals acts out the Passover traditions. Each question is printed in English and delicate Hebrew calligraphy and is answered with grace and clarity by award-winning novelist Lynne Sharon Schwartz. Readers of all ages will delight in this visually stunning and dramatic presentation of the epic story of the Exodus and the symbols and rituals of a people's celebration of freedom. The Four Questions illustrated by Ori Sherman, text by Lynne Schwartz, Dial Book, March 1989 ($15.95) Dial Books, 2 park avenue, New York, New York 10016Painting of the Seder by Ori Sherman from The Four Questions (c) 1989 published by Dial Books;Front Period - 1989;founders, architects, painters etc. - Ori Sherman

Title The Four Questions.
Contributors אוסף גלויות היודאיקה ע"ש יוסף ומרגיט הופמן. האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים. המרכז לחקר הפולקלור. אוסף גלויות היודאיקה ע"ש יוסף ומרגיט הופמן
Creation Date 1989
Call number at Current Custodian אוסף גלויות היודאיקה ע"ש יוסף ומרגיט הופמן.
Extent כולל איור..
Language Note English
Credits אוסף גלויות היודאיקה ע"ש יוסף ומרגיט הופמן, המרכז לחקר הפולקלור, המכון למדעי היהדות ע"ש מנדל, האוניברסיטה העברית.
System Number 997003486730405171

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The Four Questions – הספרייה הלאומית

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