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Rooftop view of the city of Damascus with mountains in the background; several minarets, including a horizontally striped one, are visible.

Title The covered street called "straight, " from the east--Damascus, Syria (Acts ix
10-17) -Palestine Through the Stereoscope
Additional Titles Palestine Through the Stereoscope
Co-Author Underwood & Underwood
Creation Date 1938
Notes Stereoscopic cards are housed in a box which looks like two books
the box is labeled "Palestine Through the Stereoscope" and each of the "books" is marked either "Volume I" or "Volume II" and "Underwood & Underwood"
the card is numbered at the top and bottom with its location (98) in the box and with the photographic number (3177)
the publisher's name and locations (New York, London, Toronto-Canada, and Ottawa-Kansas) are listed on the left side of the card
"Works and Studios" for "Sun Sculpture" is listed on the right end of the card with their locations (Arlington and Westwood, New Jersey)
the title and copyright date (1900) are printed at the bottom of the card
Printed : "Damascus, 'The Eye of the East' and 'The Joy of the Whole Earth,' and moreover, the street called 'Straight'! There it is, beneath that long arched roof, one of the widest streets in the city, extending across it from east to west, roofed over nearly all the way. Very grateful, under a fierce eastern sun, is the shade which the roof affords. To see it is to be reminded of Paul and all that is related of him in the ninth chapter of Acts. The house said to be that of Ananias is a little to the left of this street, almost at its end
and we know that the house of Judas, where Ananias was sent to restore the sight of Saul, was in this very thoroughfare. Yonder, in the distance, is the old wall, from the top of which Saul was let down in a baket to escape the angry Jews watching at the gates to kill him as an apostate from their faith. The Mediterranean, over which he sailed to carry the good news to Greece and Italy, is only fifty miles away, straight ahead of us, beyond the mountain ranges of Hermon and Lebanon. These minarets--mosque towers they are--tell us that we are in the Moslem quarter of the city. Four times daily, from the outside gallery of every minaret, the Muezzin turns north, east, south, and west, and calls out "Arise and pray! There is no God but God and Mohammed is his prophet! Come and pray!' This is instead of a bell to summon the faithful to worship. The Jewish quarter is at our right, where, in a synagogue, Saul, the 'wolf changed to a lamb,' gave his first testimony for Jesus. The unattractive exteriors of the houses are quite misleading to our western eyes. These Oriental people seldom make their dwellings beautiful on the outside, but save all the magnificence for within. Enter the dwellings of the wealthy and you are dazzled with the voluptuous display of Oriental splendor. Consult Travelling in the Holy Land through tjhe Stereoscope with its special 'keyed' maps, pub. by Underwood & Underwood." The title, "'The Street called Stra
Format 1 item : albumen
15.4 x 8.1 cm ( 6 x 3.25 in)..
Language English
System Number 997000039660405171
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