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The city of Jerusalem, the Valley of Kedron, and the village of Siloam

Title The Valley of Kedron and Village of Siloam, Palestine -Palestine Through the Stereoscope
Additional Titles Palestine Through the Stereoscope
Co-Author Underwood & Underwood
Creation Date 1938
Notes Stereoscopic cards are housed in a box which looks like two books
the box is labeled "Palestine Through the Stereoscope" and each of the "books" is marked either "Volume I" or "Volume II" and "Underwood & Underwood"
the card is numbered at the top and bottom with its location (14) in the box and with the photographic number (3093)
the publisher's name and locations (New York, London, Toronto-Canada, and Ottawa-Kansas) are listed on the left side of the card
"Works and Studios" for "Sun Sculpture" is listed on the right end of the card with their locations (Arlington and Westwood, New Jersey)
the title and copyright date (1896) are printed at the bottom of the card
Printed: "3093 We are standing on a spur of the Hill of Evil Counsel, looking nearly north past the southeastern corner of the city. [new paragraph] 'Do you see at the extreme left a bell-like dome, looming far on high? That is the Mosque of El Aksa. The wall in front of it is at once the wall of the city and also of the Temple enclosure. The hillside on the right is the southern peak of the Mount of Olives, called the 'Mount of Offense.' Can you imagine that up there, where the little houses now cling to the cliff and form the village of Siloam, is the spot where King Solomon built a temple of idols, right in full view of the Lord's House on Mount Moriah? (I. Kings xi : 1-13). No wonder that it bears the name ' Mount of Offense' since such ambominable rites were celebrated upon its summit. The hill on the left is also connected with Solomon's story, for it is the district called Ophel, a spur of Mount Moriah
on yonder slope Solomon built his palace adjoining the temple (I. Kings vii. 1-12
I Kings x: 4-5). The valley itself, almost at out feet, is the very place where Solomon was crowned king (I. Kings i. 32-40). [new paragraph] 'The hill on which we are standing contains the 'Potter's Field,' bought with the price of our Redeemer's blood. It is said that on this hill Judas met the emissaries of the High Priest and made the dreadful compact. Now look back as far as you can up the valley, just in the gorge between Moriah and Olivet
do you see a little pointed dome? That is the so-called 'Tomb of Absalsom' in the 'King's Dale." (Extract from The Holyland through the Stereoscope, with special keyed maps locating all the positions taken.) [new paragraph] From Notes of Travel No. 36, copyright 1906 by Underwood & Underwood." The title is printed in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Greek
Format 1 item : albumen
15.4 x 8.1 cm ( 6 x 3.25 in)..
Language English
System Number 997000038830405171

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