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Title Torah finials
Related place Afghanistan - related place
Original Library/publisher אוסף המרכז לאמנות יהודית - Center for Jewish Art Collection
Creation Date 1987
Citation Note Israel
Host Item CJA Sacred and Ritual Objects-6712-S051808
Description The flat tulip-shaped rimon is made of silver and consists of a shaft and a body. The cylindrical tapering shaft is decorated with a rhomboid net bearing flowers. The upper and lower borders are encircled by a foliate runner. The shaft is surmounted by a globular capital decorated with a scaly pattern. Chains hang from the capital carrying flattened and slit, drop-shaped bells. The body is topped by a trefoil and has a wavy edge. Both rimonim bear inscriptions on both sides. The inscripiotns are engraved in linear letters in horizontal lines. On the front side of rimon A is a Star of David inscribed with: ציון !Zion!. Bellow it appears a depiction of two buildings, a stone wall and a palm tree. The inscription continues. בן פורת יו סף בן פורת ע ליאון המלך הגו אל ייותי מכלרע יברך את הנערים ויקר בכם שמי ושראב רהם יצחק וידגו לרבה רב הארץ (Genesis 49:22
48:16). A sun appears at the bottom of the body bearing the name: ראובן !Reuben! On the back of rimon A, inside a Star of David it reads: מגן דוד !Magen David!. A two story building appears at the top of the inner inscription, and bellow it it reads: שמעון !Simon! לעילוי נשמת אבא יוסף בן מרחי פטירתו כ!ד לחודש טבת תל אביב ישראל תנצבה מנוחתו בגן עדן !For the exaltation of the soul of Aba Joseph son of Marhi, who passed away on 24 in the month of Tevet Tel Aviv, Israel, may his soul be bound up in the bond of life(int.) May he rest in Eden! A seven branched menorah appears at the bottom of the body of the rimon. Foliate and Boteh runners encircle the body. Twenty-four chains hang from the body's rim carrying flattened and slit drop-shaped bells. On the front side of rimon B: Inside a Star of David it is inscribed: ציון !Zion!. Bellow appears two buildings, a stone wall and a palm tree. The inscription continues: בן פורת יוסף רן
Language No linguistic content
Identifier CJA Sacred and Ritual Objects-6712-S051808
System Number 997004251780405171

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