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Title Purim plate
Related place Germany - related place
Original Library/publisher אוסף המרכז לאמנות יהודית - Center for Jewish Art Collection
Creation Date 1991
Citation Note Israel
Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod
Host Item CJA Sacred and Ritual Objects-892-0040042
Description The pewter Purim plate is round, with a raised rim. The central decoration is a six-pointed star, filled with zig-zag lines. Between the points of the star appear, starting from under the word,"matanot", counterclockwise a peacock
a tulip
a stylized tree
a rosette
, a long-beaked bird
two in interlocking loops, resembling a pretzel. The Hebrew letters, "Z" and "G" flank the loops. " כ ט" Surrounding the central design is the inscription: "ומתנות / לאביונים/ ומשלח / מנות / איש / לרעהו." Esther (9:22) The rim is decorated with a stylized scroll from which grow flowers and acorns. Between two ends of the scroll appears surmounted by a crown, the Hebrew letters: "זג"
Language No linguistic content
Identifier CJA Sacred and Ritual Objects-892-0040042
System Number 997003985940405171

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